Headset Vision Pro: will Apple create a new market 17 years after the iPhone?

A revolutionary device or a gadget for the rich that will end up in the innovation graveyard? Starting Friday, February 2nd, Apple is bringing its mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, to its US stores and by appointment only, announced last June. For the first time in ten years (the introduction of the connected Apple Watch), the Californian giant breaks new ground and adds to its catalog a product for $3,499 (3,231 euros) that has not yet found its (wide) audience among competitors. .

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Meta with its Quest headsets, Sony with PSVR or HTC with Vive opened the way to virtual reality and then mixed reality, where the virtual overlaps with the surrounding environment. But as is often the case, the industry expected a helmet with a bitten apple logo to encourage and solidify this market, which is still reserved for the “early adopters”, the early adopters.

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