6 Nations 2024 – “It would be important to have the France XV captain present,” Berbizier evokes Dupont’s absence

Pierre Berbizier returned to the Blues’ horrendous defeat (17-38) against Ireland this Friday night. The former coach of the French XV between 1991 and 1995 points to the problem of strategy and mentions the absence of French captain Antoine Dupont…

“We begin again with terrible humiliation”, Pierre Berbizier analyzed the drought at the microphone of France Info. It must be said that the slap taken on the Vélodrome turf, moreover, at the start of the 6-nation Tournament and a day after the failure in the quarter-finals of the World Cup, is real disillusionment. One more, it must be said. The cold former XV coach of France summed up the Blues’ defeat as follows: “Indiscipline, a red card from Willems, but also a very fragile win with an Irish touch that was royal… Overwhelmed by the French defense with five tries conceded. Failure to play a bit to put the team in Irish trouble.” .. Difficult conquest, lack of defense and inefficiency”. This has the advantage of being clear. In addition to the observation, Pierre Berbizier also points to the problem of strategy: “We already dominated the South Africans in the quarter-finals of the World Cup and this time I think it lacked ambition strategically. When you know the Irish game, it was a risk to let them have the ball. We don’t really know if they are in possession or possession. The players look lost on the pitch, I have the impression that they no longer know where they are.’

The absence of Dupont again in the balance

On the sidelines, the former coach also mentions communication established by XV France these last years. Fabien Galthié’s oratorical skills, who always seem very comfortable in front of the media, will not be missed by anyone. But be that as it may, the message must still spread. “The communication between the staff and the players seems to be getting more and more difficult. We talk about ‘combat intensity’, I don’t know if the players follow that communication.”, says the former scrum-half. And in the analysis of this defeat against Ireland, there is a theme that could not be avoided… The absence of Antoine Dupont.

Let’s imagine that Mbappé refuses to play with the France team and plays with PSG the next day…

If only everyone would stop a little bring up the topicTo no doubt avoid summing up this France XV to one-man power, the fact remains that Antoine Dupont’s absence was sorely felt on Friday night. Without saying that the outcome of this meeting would have been different if he had entered the pitch at the Vélodrome, Pierre Berbizier assures: “I think it would be important for the French team to have the France XV captain present and start a new cycle, even if it means adapting. People don’t understand that. Today (NDRL this Saturday evening) will play Stade Toulouse. Let’s imagine that Kylian Mbappé refuses to play with the French team and plays with PSG the next day… What image would people have of French footballers?” One thing is certain, we will have to get used to his absence, because there will be no scrum from Toulouse this time.

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