6 Nations U20 – Patrick Tuifua impressive, Hoani Bosmorin electric… Noty Bleuets v Ireland

Defeated by a consistent Ireland (31-37), the young French experienced mixed fortunes. The attackers had a lot of work to do with four attempts from the pack at the back, the chances did not succeed despite great desire. Discover the results of the Bleuets against Ireland!

1. Lino Julien: 5/10

U20 World Champion in 2023, his age allows him to return to the U20s for one more year. It allowed his team to be dominant in the closed scrum, where the French won their eight introductions and even tried to steal the ball from the opposition’s scrums. This allows it to boost an otherwise fairly neutral performance. He was replaced by Léo Ametlla (52nd).

2. Barnabé Massa: 6/10

The hooker from Grenoble showed all her dynamism and strength at this meeting. It’s simple, the one who is now experienced in Pro D2 games (20 games in this division with FCG) always moved forward with the ball in his hands. Clean in his pitches, he perfectly coped with balls carried by the French. He gave way to Robin Couly (62nd).

3. Zinedine Aouad: 5.5/10

In 2023, French U20 supporters discovered Zaccharie Affan. This year he will discover his teammate from UBB Espoirs, Zinédine Aouad. As his predecessor had done, he hurt the opposition very badly in a closed scrum. Active in the current game will be one of the players we will follow. He was replaced by Thomas Duchêne (63rd).

4. Charlie Gambini: 4/10

He was a regional stage player, he a player from Aix-en-Provence. If those close to him, numerous in the bays of Maurice-David, were anything to go by, the second row was quickly replaced at this meeting and he gave way to Antonín Corso (48th) after a discreet performance.

5. Corentin Mezou: 5.5/10

Overall, the Bleuets, in charge of Charly Gambini, did well, with 8/11 on French throws and two steals as well. But Breton, Toulon’s player of the season this season, was outclassed early in the match. Despite this, he gave a lot during the 80 minutes, especially in defence.

Corentin Mezou takes the ball into touch against Ireland

6. Noah Zinzen: 4.5/10

The Espoirs du Racing captain started the meeting badly. He entered the side in a ruck while his team progressed after a very good maul (3′). But he made a positive impact with two nice passes to energize the game, one for France’s first try, the second in the 39th minute. The ASBH-trained player, who was not at his best in this third row, quickly gave way to Joe Quere Karabo, who had energy to spare (48th).

7. Patrick Tuifua: 7.5/10

Licensed to New Zealand’s Hawke’s Bay club, the third line took their first steps, or rather first drumming, on metropolitan lawns as a native of New Caledonia. He quickly settled in with his new teammates he got to know. And they discover the power of the third line! He took out three defenders to score during a handball five meters from the opponent’s line (46th). During the game, he covered 57 meters with the ball in his hand, beat five defenders, made two transitions, all in just six races with the ball… He is not to be thrown away in defense either. He made 18 tackles which is simply the best total in a match… He should make a name for himself very quickly!

8. Mathis Castro-Ferreira: 7/10

Positioned in the third midfield when we knew him more as a defender, the 2023 U20 World Champion had a very successful game. Captain Bleuets has shown the way to his companions! He scored twice in the first half. In both cases, he finished the event powerfully after several attacks from the front. On the other hand, he will have to work on his English. Patrick Tuifua acted as an interpreter when Mr. Ferreira wanted to speak to him. But since the referee was not really in favor of the blue, the Tricolores could communicate more often and more naturally with the South African referee… He went to meet Maël Perrin (69), the author of the fourth French Try.

Léo Carbonneau ball in hand against Ireland

Léo Carbonneau ball in hand against Ireland

9. Leo Carbonneau: 6.5/10

Nothing new under the sun, Carbonneau made Carbonneau. A lot of intensity in all his actions, such as this teasing of the Irish second row in a collision early in the game or even on the touchline. We know he likes it! But mainly in the game. Animation as usual and initiatives. An example of this action in the 30th minute when he hooks 11 perfectly on a possession play, puts on the percussion and gets a touch on a “grint”. A minute later he made an important scratch for his team. He continued to score in the second period.

10. Tom Raffy: 5.5/10

No. 10 Brivista had a little trouble getting into his match. He seemed to struggle with positioning and co-operation with teammates, such as this blunder with Bosmorin under a high ball. But then he gained confidence in his layout and made a far from simple conversion before the break. In his usual qualities, the goal kick was a formality for him tonight: he achieved 100% on foot. (5/5)

11. Hoani Bosmorin: 7/10

He was impressive tonight and when he stepped up it often made Irish defenders panic. Lots of activity in his lane, but also some stopping to get his speed into the tricolor backline. Like in the half-hour, when he surprised an opponent to pass to a teammate who inadvertently let the ball run away. And above all, what a defensive comeback in the 22nd minute (blinking at 37 km/h!) at the Irish rear. This is one of the events of the match and worth trying. He was replaced by Noah Nene in the 65th minute.

The best Frenchman in the back line tonight was Hoani Bosmorin

The best Frenchman in the back line tonight was Hoani Bosmorin

12. Axel Desperes: 5.5/10

The player from the Pau section, an opener placed in the middle, fitted into the playing system put in place by the French staff. Desperes, present with repetitions in repairs and first support duties, also brought strength to the midfield. After the break he worked on a successful pressure on the Irish camp. His penalty not found is a blow, while the Blues could have had a great opportunity.

13. Robin Taccola: 4/10

The Bleuets three-quarter center was enterprising and had no shortage of desire. On several occasions we have seen him repair and then replace the wings. In addition, he did the work of undermining with his friend in the center. Breton, present on two Pro D2 sheets, brushed off a couple of very high centers opposite and still seemed to be worse than his counterparts.

14. Grégoire Arfeuil: 4/10

His defensive error in the 22nd minute opened a big door in attack for Ireland – who finished in the French five meters – saved by Bosmorin (above). Arfeuil was penalized with a yellow card in the 51st minute and was found guilty of a deliberate tackle. His offensive contribution will not be as important as expected. Note his crossing early in the match and numerous attempts but no real danger. Maxence Biasotto (62′) takes his place.

15. Mathis Ferté: 4.5/10

Young Corrèzien didn’t/couldn’t stand out. The game was very focused on confrontations, Ferté was not to his advantage. He wasn’t particularly called on for high balls, but he doesn’t have any glaring mistakes on his record. As one of the most prominent in his club, we could have expected him to make more of a difference, but the lack of balls did not allow him to do so.

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