Saint-Orens-de-Gameville. Little readers by the thousands

The success of the Occitanie Children’s Book Festival confirms the public’s interest in children’s literature every year. Two days in Saint-Orens attracted several thousand people, mainly families and generations, all in awe of the discovery. Some parents who come as children invite their children to immerse themselves in this particular universe, a kind of magical bubble where words and images create their own world.

Authors appreciate sharing with a motivated audience in this friendly atmosphere.

This year, “Reading in the body” focused more specifically on the relationship to the body throughout life from childhood, changes during adolescence, fundamental questions in the structure of the individual and his relationship to the world.

All workshops were full, as well as meetings and debates. Highlights such as the meeting around the “nine extraordinary lives of Princess Gaya”, a reading drawn with Régis Lejonc and Ghislaine Roman interpreted in LSF (sign language) by students of D-TIM University.

Literary prizes are awarded by Saint-Orennais from colleges, secondary schools and schools that have been active there for a long time. The 2024 Teen Prize was awarded to Christophe Guillaumot for his novel “Office of Unsolved Cases – A Piece of You”, published by Rageot.

The children’s book prize in collaboration with Amicale Laïque was awarded to Rémi Courgeon for the children’s novel “Comme dans un film” published by Seuil Jeunesse.

This 22nd year has spread to 15 municipalities in the metropolis of Toulouse with around forty events. Festival volunteers are still at work and will meet on 24, 25 and 26 January 2025.

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