Top 14 – Alexandre Roumat (Toulouse): “In 13 against 15 we either raised or took matters into our own hands”

This Saturday night, Stade Toulouse defeated Bayonne with a score of 46-26. At the end of the meeting, Alexandre Roumat wanted to underline the character of Haut-Garonne, especially at the beginning of the second half, which the French champions played thirteen against fifteen.

Do you get this attack bonus point as a grand reward after a successful encounter?

Our only goal was to win against this Bayonne team. As for this bonus point, we asked ourselves around the hour mark whether or not to take the points. The first time we took the posts and the second time we took the sideline. Then we were offered this last charge and we played hard, it paid off. But to be honest, the four points would be more than enough for us.

Were you worried that this match would slip away?

Aviron is a great team that never gives up. We were aware that things could go wrong. We simply respected Bayonnais by gradually digging a hole. And finally we could count on Antoine (Editor’s note Dupont) to break the deadlock and score this seventh try.

What positive will you remember from your game?

What I will remember is the start of the second half, which we played thirteen against fifteen. We either stood up or took matters into our own hands. We managed to keep the ball and even score. These are the notes that allowed us to be more confident for the rest of the meeting.

Did you work on a special strategy at halftime to fight the 13?

Obviously, we knew we had to be strong in defense and not get eaten up in the wreckage. Offensively, we had to stick around the hinge and not move the ball too much. Then our wingmen came for balloons near the combat zones to relieve us.

From the stands, we felt a sense of euphoria on the field, do you feel the same?

It’s always nice to play and the ball travels. I even think it was a bit too much at times. Personally, I’m very happy when we manage to put our game on, so I’m very happy with the result of this match.

After fifteen consecutive games, you take a week off, a break that comes at the right time…

Each player had a different path. Some were given rest, others short breaks… But it’s true that it’s a marathon. That’s the game. Every year we have a series of meetings and we have to stay solid. Going back to work every week is always difficult, but I think we deserved the few days off.

On a personal note, is it always a pleasure to beat Aviron Bayonnais?

I like Olympic Biarritz a lot, so of course it’s special. It’s always nice to beat Bayonne, but I want to win everything. And then against Bayonnais we also wanted to redeem ourselves from the first game (20-7 defeat on the first day, editor’s note). We missed the fight.

Part of France’s extended XV, how did you feel about the Blues’ defeat against Ireland?

As a supporter I was of course disappointed. These are the things that happen. It was also a huge team up front. I hope they can come back and win every game until the end.

In your case, do you have your phone close to you until the end of the weekend?

You know, I’m part of the new generation, so I always have my phone next to me… (laughs) During the first week, I had the honor of going to Marcoussis for three days, and I hope to participate. group when he arrives. If not, that’s fine, I’ll keep working to make big matches and show myself.

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