Video. Top 14 – When Clermont players go behind the bar in a wine bar!

It’s party time in Clermont! ASM recorded their second win in a row by thoroughly dominating Lou with an attack bonus. After the match, the players came to celebrate this great success with their supporters even behind the bar at the wine bar!

Clermont is in the top 6 and that’s worth celebrating! Christophe Urios’ men had to confirm their success in Castres with a reception in Lyon and they did it very well. A better victory (38–21)six tries registered, we can say that the afternoon was beautiful for Clermontois and that the evening threatens to be rainy!

And to make the party complete, the players had a nice surprise in store for their supporters: still in their match gear, they joined the wine bar and passed on the other side of the bar in the “fan alley” under Auvergne. du Michelin stand serving beers and enjoying the great atmosphere provided by Clermont fans. Images that are always nice to see and a beautiful connection between the actors and those pushing 80 minutes. In recent weeks, ASM has been gaining momentum and has had a number of good performances. In two weeks, they face another important test in Bayonne against Camille Lopez’s teammates. But before he starts thinking about the next match, Christophe Urios enjoys: “We wanted to celebrate with the Bordeaux fans, but given the way the game turned out (Laughter)… Today we finally did because they are exemplary and we haven’t always been. Clermont is a club so proud of its identity and public that we had to share it with our public.

Simmons and Darricarrère climb up to the bar

Scenes of jubilation where in particular we saw Rob Simmons and Léon Darricarrère climb the bar to drink a victory glass in front of about a hundred passionate fans. The young center scored his first try in the Top 14 against Lou and continues his insane run of form. Caught up in the Michelin euphoria, he confides: “I’m very happy, I scored my first try too, I hope it continues! Our fans are incredible. It’s a perfect night, we needed it to move up the table.”

The road to qualification is still long in this increasingly tight championship, but after 14 days Clermontois confirm they will be a force to be reckoned with.

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