A crazy Harry Potter night full of… magic

Martin-Delbert Bookstore held a magical vigil on Saturday in the world of Harry Potter, the most famous wizard with glasses and a scar on his forehead.

The first participants arrived around 7pm so as not to be late. 19:30 arrives and the last attendees have finally passed through the doors of the bookstore. Barely threshold crossedthat it’s time to go home. Therefore, wizards of all ages relied on the magic hat to know which of the four houses they would land in. In Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or even Slytherin‚Ķ
Young wizards have Thus were distributed among different workshops. The Junior Section hosted the Triwizard Tournament, where participants had to fly a paper airplane made from a sheet of their house color with one of three magic rings.

There was also quidditch

In the CD section and after reading an excerpt from “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” referring to “Gringotts” bank, children and parents had to guess objects such as brooms and other magic potions without looking at them. The literary section hosted an activity around Hagrid’s hut, where participants had to find different words using clues that refer to the bespectacled wizard, based on an excerpt from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in Volume 5. Finally, in the visual arts section, we couldn’t pass the intersection activity, which consisted of a mime test.
There was also Quidditch, a favorite sport of wizards, a giant coloring book and also a game of “one, two, three, sun” with the protagonist the inevitable basilisk and his petrified gaze.
One thing is certain: this evening allowed us to experience magical moments.

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