Albi. The texts of Robert Lafont are read in the brasserie du Parc

Thursday the 8th February from 19:00 at the Brasserie du Parc in Albi, in addition to the exhibition and opening conference, there will be an opportunity to listen to a selection of Robert Lafont’s texts and poems, as well as an event around food. Robert Lafont was born 100 years ago in Nîmes and was a French academic and intellectual. Robert Lafont was interested in the history of Occitan literature and the social sciences, developing a sustained literary activity in Occitan expression, especially in Provençal, French and Catalan, while regularly engaging in politics. This author from Nîmes leaves behind more than a hundred published titles and around a thousand articles.

He was also a polyglot, novelist, poet, dramatist, essayist, medievalist. In his work we can find works on literary and social history, but also on linguistics and sociolinguistics or on the socio-economic imbalance in France and Europe.

In his essays in French, he presents the situation not only of Occitania, but also of all minorities living on French territory. Regarding the situation in Occitania, he is one of the theorists of “internal colonialism”. Another aspect of his work, literature in the Occitan language, contributes to the revival of literary creation in this language. His friends present Robert Lafont as a citizen of the world and Europe, a thinker and the main actor of open Occitanism.

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