Top 14 – At the end of a crazy match, UBB won for the first time in their history in Toulon!

In the Top 14, Toulon were uncompromising against Mayol this season! But on Sunday evening, RCT fell to an opportunistic team from Union Bordeaux-Bègles, who won in Vary: 32:37. A historic success at the end of a thrilling match that allows the Girondins to return to the level of Stade français and Stade Toulouse at the top of the table.

At the end of the 14E The Top 14 day on Sunday evening was designed to be a duel at the top between Toulon and Bordeaux-Bègles. At the top because before this day these two teams were in the top 5 of the championship and they were sure to stay there at the end of this day. And in this clash at the top, the duel was exciting, but the balance finally turned in favor of UBB, winning 32:37.

Bordeaux-Bègles at the end of tension

Clearly, this weekend it was better not to decide to leave the stadiums 5 minutes before the end to secure a return home. After Toulouse’s bonus try after the siren, the Girondins took an 80m try to crucify the Toulonnais. The guests improved at the end of the game with a ball that escaped the penetrating Varu group. This Sunday evening they play quickly towards the right wing of the very active Madosh Tambwe.

This mobilizes several opponents, providing a transfer to Tani Vili, who glides at the right pace to Nicolas Depoorter put into orbit. The young center thus credits himself with the decisive try (32-37, 77E), although Toulon will attempt a huge final comeback when they return. That would be completed three minutes after the siren with a final tackle – this time defensive – from Madosh Tambwa on Jules Coulon to bring him into touch.

Amazing script

Previously, the Girondins did not do everything well to succeed in this match. Between the receipts of ill-conceived returns, lost balls and strikers, the copy for the away match was far from perfect. In addition, inclDuring the match, both teams first started by giving each other gifts. A poor pass by Var allowed winger Madosh Tambwe to show off his running speed to score the Top 14’s fastest try of the season after 29.6 seconds.

But the Girondins were clumsy on the way out of camp and allowed the Varois to quickly get back on track. With a strong attempt from Beka Gigashvili (10-10, 13). Subsequently, the Toulonnais proved stubborn as they multiplied penalties played to touch and then in scrums to break down a high-powered Gironde defense following a yellow card to Ben Tapuai (26). It’s Leicester’s Fainga’anuku who proves to be sharp to go for the Test (27th). The Toulonnais therefore continued their desire not to attempt penalties and ended up with the Girondins breaking behind the scrum. A winning start from Selevasio Tolofu allows RCT to score another try before the break (22-13).

UBB returns to the leadership chair

The Girondins did not give up and tried with a try scored by Romain Laterrade on a carried ball model (22-20, 52E). The Var get some fresh air with a try from Leicester Fainga’anuka on the prospect of a diagonal at the foot of Dan Biggar, however poorly controlled by Duncan Paia’aua (29-20, 57E). But Romain Buros then confirms the nice slalom of Maté Garcia, who came to improve the restart… Madosh Tambwe (29-30, 67E).

The final straight of this section is breathtaking and we think the RCT scrum gave it a shot. Varois really gained control of the penalty after a nice smash signed by their forward pack (32-30, 73E), which will then bring it back to camp and allow us to reverse—let’s imagine for the last time—the pressure on that part. But that was without taking into account the ball that Varois escaped from 22 meters from the opponent and strengthened Girondins to try to win Nicolas Depoorter (32-37, 77E). So there won’t be 11E consecutive success of Toulon at home against Bordeaux-Bègles. On the contrary, it is a historic victory, as the Girondins have never won at Mayol since the creation of the Union Bordeaux-Bègles entity.

This result marks a marathon of 15 meetings between the Top 14 and the Champions Cup for these two teams. At the end of this, Union Bordeaux-Bègles return to sit in the leader’s chair shared three ways, with Stade français and Stade Toulouse. Rugby Club Toulonnais, on the other hand, missed the opportunity to occupy the third step on the podium. And he has to settle for a defense bonus that stays at 5E place in the ranking. The break will be bittersweet in Toulon, where Mayol have dropped out of the Top 14 for the first time this season.

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