Top 14 – Camille Lopez (Bayonne): “You can put Antoine Dupont wherever you want behind him, he will be good”

This Saturday night, Aviron Bayonnais lost heavily at Toulouse with a score of 46-26. After the meeting, Camille Lopez regretted the end of the family meeting, although there is something positive in the content to remember. International fly half time also returned to the Antoine Dupont match.

We can imagine your frustration at breaking down against this Toulouse side in the last quarter of an hour…

Yes, we are obviously frustrated. Until the 70th minute, we tried to secure a result for Ernesto-Wallon. But there were a lot of approaches and waste in our game and it ended up being expensive against Stade Toulouse…

Was there a breakthrough at this meeting?

Although we managed to score at the end of the first half, it was very difficult for us to enter the second half. We had a double numerical superiority, but we didn’t use it. Toulouse even managed to score and we lost the ball for a quarter of an hour. When you don’t see the light of day when you’re down two, it’s difficult and it shows our ineffectiveness.

As for the content, are you still satisfied?

It’s a bit more positive than last weekend (21-17 win against Oyonnax). It wasn’t difficult at the same time… There were some very good things on our side, but still too many mistakes. You can’t afford that against a team like Toulouse. A counter to one of our kicks, an interception… Those are things that are better controlled.

In the end, the 46 points scored hurt…

We exploded in the last five minutes. The people of Toulouse were efficient and played shots to perfection until the end. For our part, we let it go. In the last action we tried to get the ball back with Arthur (Iturria). The goal was to get the ball into contact. But everything did not go according to plan. We didn’t know how to defend like we should have to end this game.

You met Antoine Dupont who played at the opening, what did you think of his performance?

So as far as moving it when opening it, I didn’t necessarily have to worry about it. It has so many features that you can put it behind you wherever you want, it will be good. As soon as he touches the ball, something happens. Not for nothing is he the best player in the world.

Before the rest week, do you feel that despite the defeat, you found the conquering Aviron Bayonnais far from home?

We scored some good tries, the spirit was there for a large part of the match: there are positives, that’s true. We did great things because frankly with the donations we gave we would have signed for five points ten minutes before the final whistle. This break will do good, we will use it to come back fresh and eager to collect points.

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