Top 14 – “I was sad at Castres and had to do it against Lyon!” : Yato and Urios react to Clermont’s win

Peceli Yato and Christophe Urios were clearly over the moon after Clermont’s brilliant win against Lyon (38-21). The flanker also looked back on his last appearance, a much darker one, in Castres.

Peceli, ASM was supercharged in the first half. How do you analyze this encounter?

That’s the word! We are all very happy with what we have produced. We managed to get into this Lyon team and managed to score a lot of tries in the first half. It feels really good! My attempts are a bit opportunistic! I was in the right place at the right time, shall we say.

Were you taken aback by the words of Christoph Urios, who expected a lot from you?

I had to show Christophe what I could do. A lot of players want to play and we cannot miss the chance. I wanted to do the job for the staff because they are the ones who pick the right men for the match. I was hot in Castres, but I overdid it. I got a warning, I only played for three minutes. I was sad that I played so little. But against Lyon I wanted to show that I’m still there!

The holidays should be good for the group…

Of course, but we must always keep our goals in mind. All teams are present from bottom to top. There are some who will advance, others will definitely go down, so from next week we will have to be ready and above all not to let up. It’s a shame I can’t go on vacation because my daughters are at school. I guess I’ll go to bed to rest (laughs)!

Urios: “We should have eight more points”

What do you remember from this boosted victory?

We were able to verify the match in Castres and the month of January in general, which was remarkable. Our preparation was very good, the players reached a milestone. The first half was good, although Lyonnais were not as lively as in the second half. We lacked a bit of control after that, but tonight we are proud of our month of January. A “comfortable” week awaits us, and it’s been a long time since that happened.

Is it a trigger?

Anyway, here we go! We did things well, but this victory brings grist to our mill and our reconstruction project. The end of the match was quite wild but Killian Tixeront was very good on the counter attack, Léon Darricarrère scored a try which did us a lot of good. The bench played a part in the final victory and that is a satisfaction.

At the moment you are in the top 6. Is it satisfying?

Today’s result doesn’t change anything for me. It’s at the end of the season that we get paid! We’ll see if we’re on the right track at that point. On the other hand, I see the beginnings of cohesion between the players. There are no clans, obviously there are affinities between the Argentinians, Australians etc. but there is a collective strength emerging in this team. Things happen in the group, players come out of the woodwork. Example: Rob Simmons and Thibaud Lanen are really connected, I don’t know if they are friends but they are happy to be together. And I saw him a little less this summer. We are six points from first and when I see the games we dropped at the beginning of the season and for nothing, we should have eight points more. I’ve been saying this for a long time, but we’re really making progress. Our best players are at their best and that wasn’t always the case at the start of the season. Tomas Lavanini is at international level, George Moala is impressive… It’s a pleasure!

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