Top 14 – Jean-Baptiste Poux: “It’s a victory of involvement and seriousness”

At the end of the Top 14 day 14, Bordeaux-Bègles played a perfect match at Mayol against Toulon (32-37). Speaking to reporters, Jean-Baptiste Poux praised the mental state of his group after the failure in Chaban-Delmas against Paris (26-30).

How do you feel after this success?

This win feels good. Last week was a big disappointment. We lost in Chaban, in a difficult situation. We had a great response. We win thanks to the UBB philosophy. Everything is not perfect, but we are adding volume. After contact, we want to pass each other. We converged around the ball. We succeeded because it was our wish from the beginning of the season. We wanted to keep the ball and extend the playing time, even if there is no absence, we have this idea in our head. We want to win by attacking.

For the first time, UBB won in Mayol…

It’s great, right before the holidays. We had a challenging trip, we made no excuses. Even if everything is not perfect in the organization, we are strengthening. We have to be good during the match. The group grew stronger along the way. The players were able to mobilize for this meeting. They are never easy meetings right before the holidays. We wanted to see the status of the group and its motivation. Everyone is committed to the project and the preparation. We didn’t give up. That is the satisfaction of this trip. The context after the defeat was not simple. We had some absentees in Toulon. We never won. We could have made excuses, but we have strength in this group. We have responsible players. They showed it. It is a victory of engagement and seriousness. They didn’t give up. That’s important after losing at home. We had a hard time dealing with it, but the group was able to recover.

However, you were well behind in the score before Depoortère’s free-kick…

We made a lot of mistakes. We didn’t do well on camping trips. Toulon was solid in conquest. We didn’t have an ideal match. But once the ball is rolling around, we know how to use it. We also have quality young people. They are lucky to join a professional team. Zac (Affane) played his first professional match, it’s not simple and easy in this position. He showed his potential. There is victory. Everything is positive. Young people bring an excellent state of mind.

You took out Tameifuna before bringing him back late in the game. What was the strategy behind this rotation?

We knew we had strong opposition. This is one of the best decks in the championship. We developed a strategy to get Zac in the right position. We didn’t want to burn Ben. We were smart about training. If we were in the game, we knew it would be decided in the last twenty minutes.

What were Toulon’s mistakes?

We knew they would rely on the forwards. We wanted to play frontally. We knew there would be scoring opportunities with the balls hanging around. We knew how to use these balloons well. This ensured our success. It really is the satisfaction of the evening. In attack, we played poorly on attacks, but we relied on volume and possession. No player was in doubt, we followed our plan set by the staff. Everyone believed everyone.

This endless block ends with a smile…

We’ve never had anything so rough. In addition, there is a period of duplicates. It’s a difficult Top 14 sequence. It’s the year and the season. You have to plan your weeks carefully. We knew how to handle it well

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