Top 14 – Midol’s take on Pau – Castres: Popelin – Le Brun, both do the trick

Usual opener Pierre Popelin, aware that he was going through a difficult period, left the goal to his young team-mate Louis Le Brun to face Pau. An honest observation that made everyone come out victorious in the end.

The universe the shooters live in is decidedly different from the world. A world in which we are always torn between two positions: the first is as egocentric as it needs to be. Sagittarius needs to assert itself. Take responsibility when necessary, when times are critical and situations are delicate. He must not show the slightest sign of weakness, or the opponent would pounce on him. The second is much more sensitive, self-critical and collective. If a shooter is not feeling like they are having a great day, they must have the courage to admit it to themselves and share it with their teammate and competitor in the drill. This is exactly what happened between Pierre Popelin and Louis Le Brun.

The former, feeling that he was not in a great season, entrusted the responsibility of the goal to his young team-mate, as well as his place in the 10. In the end, everyone came out victorious from this pass, initiated by honest introspection from Pierre. Poplin: “Given my recent performances, it’s very good that Louis (Le Brun, editor’s note) has taken the ‘lead’ in this position. Playing at the back has been good for me, it’s cleared my mind for a few weeks. knots started to form. That , that we shared the responsibility with him, it was good for both of us and you could feel it on the team. “It’s a sign of maturity and confidence in him. I told him that in case of a hard hit I’d stay in the cover. But I did what was best for the team and that’s for Louis to score, who has confidence from his match at Racing, where he investigated it. “

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