Top 14 – Opinion Midol de La Rochelle – Montpellier: Level your whistle!

On the sidelines of the match between La Rochelle and Montpellier (18-10), on Saturday night in Deflandre, the maritime club started the ball with a series of operations aimed at eradicating the current epidemic of broncas coming from the public. Let everyone participate in the scavenger hunt.

It doesn’t matter that the wish period is closed. Beyond calendar considerations, it is a shame that the caravel club’s initiative is being imitated. Above all, it gives a stimulus to think about this invasive species, in all its stages together: I named “the whistler”. Known as the “dyer of the oval”. A species that reproduces too quickly. On Saturday, Stade Rochelais gave free rein to its Ethics and Arbitration Commission – which didn’t relish the whistles pouring from the stands every time Toulouse manager Ugo Mola appeared on the giant screens on December 30 last year – to organize the first day of respect. and solidarity.

He whistles at Carbonel’s last attempt…

An awareness event carried out at the entrances to Deflandre that is both entertaining and educational, paired with a clip broadcast during the break La Rochelle-Montpellier in which Antoine Hastoy is committed to fair play. Extract: “In the stadiums we see a lot of displays on the screens to respect, for example, the shooters when they are concentrating. Most of the time it is respected. It has to continue, it has to remain a feature of our sport.” Guess what. What haven’t we heard yet to accompany the defensive bonus penalty that Carbonel missed? But damn…! Someone will say that it whistles and whistles. This judgment with variable geometry does not help to counter these excesses, which have worsened since the World Cup. Hats off, however, to the loyal supporters who sometimes have the urge to forcefully reframe undesirables who trample on the value of respect, the basic pillar of the Oval. For those of you who don’t dare: blow the whistle! Rugby will give you that.

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