Top 14 – Opinion Midol de Toulouse – Bayonne: such ordinary gestures in an extraordinary match

In an extraordinary match, even ordinary actions can have serious consequences. Bayonne residents paid the price.

Extraordinary conformity can sometimes be reduced to very ordinary gestures. The final score of this Toulouse-Bayonne is misleading, the account is heavy for the Basques, who can still hope for an equalizer on 74.E, it was only 31 to 26 for Stade, even though the Antoine Dupont festival was already in full swing. So we can’t help but replay the match from Bayonne’s point of view. They were less powerful than the people of Toulouse, apparently less affected by the glamor of exceptional talent (follow our view). However, a win, a draw or at least a defensive bonus was within reach, like a feather floating in the air that they were unable to grasp. Two actions proved fatal for them.

At the restart they found themselves fifteen against thirteen (yellow cards by Faasalele and Laulala). They didn’t know how to use it as center Eneriko Buliruarua saw fit to play with his feet in the attack of the rowing 22. And the ball went straight into contact. A certain logic has been shaken, in 15 against thirteen we can have the ambition to keep the ball to stretch the opponent’s defense. And if we keep playing kicks, maybe we’ll get it right. Bayonne paid a heavy price for this mistake (Toulouse’s effective possession followed). Later, with Bayonne still in touch (31-26), he received a penalty and then a touch in the opponent’s camp. And boom! Not a direct throw from Thomas Acquier’s hooker. In Toulouse with Dupont in the firmament, two missed gestures can have extraordinary consequences.

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