Top 14 – Toulon Barometer – UBB: Madosh Tambwe took care of everything, Aymeric Luc missing

UBB managed to topple Toulon this Sunday and achieve a historic victory at Mayol (32-39). In this encounter, Mateo Garcia kept the Girondins afloat and Madosh Tambwe shone. In the Toulon side, Leicester Fainga’anuk’s efforts were in vain, while Dan Biggar and Aymeric Luc were absent.

The Tops

Madosh Tambwe

It was he who started the debate this Sunday night by catching a dropped ball before launching himself into a lucky 80m run to score the first try of the game. Only thirty seconds after the start of the match, the Congolese winger showed everyone that he is in form. Every time he caught the ball, the former Bulls never stopped creating danger. Above all, he created the decisive breakthrough on Depoortere’s try, which gave UBB the victory. Don’t forget he’s also the one driving Coulon into contact during the final action to end the match. What a player…

Mateo Garcia

Of course, he didn’t do everything well, especially still a lot of inaccuracies and gross errors like his exclusion under 22 blocked at the very end of the match. But this Sunday, it was the opener that won the match for UBB. The author of 17 points on Mayol, the left-hander stood out mainly because he came out of his box ten minutes before the end. On a botched ball, he managed to slip through the Toulon defence, break through and set up Romain Buros brilliantly. The full-back scored the decisive try that put his club in the lead. And while Enzo HervĂ© gave the advantage back to RCT, UBB managed to grab the match at the very end of the game and can thank Garcia for keeping it alive.

Leicester Fainga’anuku

First, the New Zealand three-quarter scored a double, despite his team’s defeat. Two tries were not easily scored: the first after a powerful run up the pitch and the second after a cross from Biggar. In addition, he offered a lot in the backline and did some damage in the Bordeaux ranks, breaking three tackles. Used mainly as a spearhead after touches, its strength served well as a fixation point. It was the Toulon player who stood out from the crowd and who created uncertainty in the minds of Gironde.


Aymeric Luc

There were too many errors on the Toulon defenders in the first half. Obviously, his rough pass early in the match – which will lead to Tambwe’s try – is a prime example. Especially since he was unable to correct his mistake afterwards, Tambwe was too quick. Already in the first act, he was twice guilty of two attackers that could have been avoided. One when playing in the pasture and the other when falling to the ground. The positive thing is that he has a victory over his opponent to his credit. In the last attempt in Bordeaux, he was also the one who got in front and missed the game – not exactly the easiest, admittedly.

Dan Biggar

The Welsh fly half was not up to its usual standard tonight. He repeatedly wanted to attack the line with no real success. Biggar, not particularly inspired by his attacking animation, narrowly missed. His kicking plays just before Fainga’anuk’s second try were well felt as they allowed him to score behind, but perhaps the move made more sense in hand. Finally and most importantly, it was during goal practice that he did not reach his standards (4/6). Points that inevitably fall short in the end as RCT lose by five points. Defensively, he struggled only twice for two missed tackles, a hard knockdown from Tataf.

Paul Abadie

His start to the game was like his match: approximate. While the former Agen player has a lot of responsibility this season in the doubles, he started it with a largely avoidable striker in Toulon’s second sending-off while alone at the drop-point. A few minutes later, Abadie made a big mistake on the ruck, kicking the ball awkwardly with his foot before pouncing on it. UBB was penalized for this and the action led to Gigashvili’s try. Still in the first half, he was crushed by Fainga’anuku for the second attempt. After that it didn’t shine anymore.

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