6 Nations 2024 – Antoine Dupont (XV of France) cannot be recalled with Blues, it is a contractual obligation

After the slap in the face by France’s XV in Marseille on Friday night against Ireland (17-38), many were wondering about the possibility of Antoine Dupont being recalled in this 6 Nations Tournament. This is not possible due to the double contract signed between the player and the FFR guaranteeing his participation in the Olympic Games.

Everything is framed, written in stone. This weekend, many French supporters, as well as journalists from the foreign press, wondered if Dupont could ever return to the Blues or if Fabien Galthié had recalled him for the rest or the end of the 6 Nations Tournament. And what’s more after the crushing defeat against Ireland a masterful performance the next day with Stade Toulouse against Bayonne. However, it is written in stone, Antoine Dupont cannot play a single minute with the French XV in this 6 Nations tournament.

Discussions and even negotiations about Dupont’s participation in the Olympics began during Bernard Laporte’s mandate and ended during Grillo’s presidency. The final agreement will be concluded in early December. According to our information, it is a bilateral contract governed by the FFR – Stade Toulouse – Antoine Dupont tripartite contract. Originally, Jean-Marc Lhermet for the Federation and Didier Lacroix for the Toulouse club signed an amendment to the Federation-League Framework Agreement governing the selection of players in rugby sevens, which sets a limit of two players being selected by the Top 14 clubs for the rugby sevens season.

The FFR compensates the clubs with a daily fee that is the same for all players and for all clubs whose payment is made through the LNR. However, Antoine Dupont’s club salary is incomparable to the usual elite. The federation and the club therefore negotiated and agreed on a lump sum for Dupont.

Second FFR contract – Antoine Dupont

To keep things well framed. This addendum also specifies the exact number of days of mobilization of Antoine Dupont as of 1ahem and 2Thursday semester 2024. It is also written that Antoine Dupont cannot be selected for the XV of France during this period so that he is also free to be included in the Top 14 or in the Champions Cup with Toulouse. In addition, the federation also made a written commitment to Antoine Dupont for a salary guarantee to prevent the player from incurring financial losses as a result of preparing for and participating in the Olympic Games. If it is not a contract with a federal player – President Didier Lacroix would have been against his player being “contracted” with the FFR from the start of the discussion – said agreement states the amount of possible bonuses (gold, silver, bronze medals) the player should receive .

This double protocol allowed the transition from Dupont to VII to take place as naturally as possible and to the satisfaction of all parties, especially Stade Toulouse.

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