How artificial intelligence is shaking up the world of video games

The good news: artificial intelligence will not replace artists and creative professions. Not right away anyway. Emmanuel de Maistre says it. He is the co-founder of Scenario, a San Francisco startup that designs models dedicated to artists and video game creators, enabling them to work with ultra-personalized AI.

Emmanuel de Maistre is a guest on DeepTechs, a podcast Challenges dedicated to deep technologies, produced in collaboration with Delight. He talks to us about creating with artificial intelligence, especially in video games. From the future of gaming. And intellectual property.

His journey is atypical, to say the least. Emmanuel de Maistre, a former CNRS researcher, first became a specialist in the microbial diversity of Clipperton Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. It has little to do with his current activity. Since then, he went into exile in Silicon Valley, where he participated in the creation of several start-ups. Scenario, the newest, was founded in 2021. Its goal: to help video game developers and artists easily create stylistically consistent game assets using custom generative AI models.

The scenario presents itself as a solid alternative to other existing solutions in the world of AI applied to image and video, such as Dall-E, Midjourney or Stable diffusion. It presents itself as a vertical platform organized according to the needs of video game studios. The goal is to organize a complete set of AI around playing with images, but also sound, 3D, etc.

The good news in this story is that California-based Scenario is quintessentially French, as all 18 engineers on the 25-person team are based in Paris. And the market they address is colossal: the planet has more than 3 billion video game players, regular or casual. Emmanuel de Maistre’s vision is rather exciting for gaming fans. According to him, it will still be a while before we see the first games completely powered by AI.

But he predicts a new generation of games whose development will be personalized by the player. We will also see unlimited games that never stop, eternal games. It’s also possible that AI models will help jumpstart the virtual reality market by speeding up content creation. But don’t worry, the creative part will be handled by a human being for quite some time.

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