This indestructible plant will bloom for 25 years without maintenance

Tired of trying to get different plants to bloom in your garden? Many flowers that are too delicate, difficult to maintain or prone to disease require considerable effort to produce beautiful blooms. However, this is not the case with cypress, an indestructible winter flower that blooms on all occasions!

Cyclamen: the hardiest flower

Little known, the potato nevertheless combines everything good quality. Able to produce beautiful colorful flowers, even in heart of winter the strictest this plant is known its exceptional lifespan : over 25 yearswithout even need to be replanted ! So you can observe its delicate pink petalswhite and purple, all year round though YOU not have a green thumb.

Cyclamen: planting

Because your French fries are here to stay several decades in your garden, is suitable plan well his funeral! Prioritize semi-shaded area, where the flower can benefit from the freshness of the shade and the vitamins of the sun for several hours a day. The ideal time for its planting is February, once the risk of extreme frost has passed, but before temperatures rise too much in the spring. Plant the bulbs every 15 centimeters in the potting soil light and well drained Then fertilize the earth enrich it with organic matter.

Cyclamen: their maintenance

So your French fries lasts for many years and blooms profusely, water regularly, but in moderation. The substrate must be slightly moistwithout ever getting wet, which it risks causing root rot. Add during the active growth phase natural fertilizer twice a month and prune off spent flowers for the plant to focus its energy on new buds. Finally, when the weather forecast is particularly bad, protect the base of the potato gel with a layer of vegetable mulch.

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