This unusual flower smells like freshly baked cookies

Some flowers stand out more than others, be it for their beauty, rarity, color, size or fragrance. This is the case of the dombeya, a beautiful flower very well known in Seville that fulfills all these conditions: it is generous, its flowers of great beauty offer a variety of colors and at least an original scent: biscuit. which was just taken out of the oven! Discover this beautiful flower.

What is this amazing flower that smells like baked goods?

dombeya, often confuseddue to its aesthetic similarity, with hydrangeasis a flower family Malvaceae. Very popular in Spain, dombeya is a hybrid flower, child of baobab, mallow and linden. Unusual to say the least, this plant stands out its giant magnificent flowersin different colors and above all that its unique scentreminiscent a cookie just out of the oven.

How to grow dombey at home?

If you want to scent your exterior or interior and feel like in a bakeryknow that it is entirely possible to grow this noble flower easily. Choose one place in full sun : accustomed to a hot climate, must receive a few hours of sunshine directly in a day. Plant a dombeya spring or autumn, when temperatures are mild. Dig a hole twice as wide as the root ball plant and place it in the hole at the same depth as in the original container. Fill the hole with potting soil and wrap lightly around the base of the plant. Water regularly to keep the soil slightly moist but not soggy and avoid standing water. Fertilize your plant balanced fertilizer once a month during the growing season, from spring to autumn. In winter, protect it from temperature drop (around 5°C) by mulching or moving indoors.

These other plants have a peculiar smell

Dombeya is not the only specimen with an unusual smell, there are many plants with unusual and unusual smells who can add a touch of magic (or not !) to your garden or house:

  • Pelargonium : Some varieties of pelargonium, also called fragrant geraniums, have fragrant leaves with different scents such as rose, mint, lemon or coconut. The fragrance is often released when the leaves are crushed.
  • Stachys Byzantine : Also known as bear’s ear or St. John’s wort, this plant has downy silver leaves that give off a distinct minty scent when touched.
  • Stink Fritillary : as the name suggests, this plant has an unpleasant smell similar to a crushed bug. Attracts flies which help with pollination.
  • Arum titan : commonly known as the “corpse flower”, titan arum is known for its unpleasant smell of rotting flesh. Although its smell is unpleasant to humans, it attracts pollinating flies.
  • Artemisia : Some varieties of wormwood, such as Artemisia absinthium, have a strong, bitter scent, often described as camphorous or medicinal.
  • Curry plant : This plant has leaves that give off a distinct curry smell when crushed. It is often used as an aromatic herb in Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Sugar plant : also called musk chervil, this plant has leaves that give off a sweet aniseed scent when rubbed or crushed.

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