this exact number of flowers betrays infidelity

When arranging a bouquet of roses, choosing certain colors or a certain number of flowers sometimes shows bad signs: learn to decode them so as not to send the wrong message! Indeed, if one rose means love at first sight, 12 is synonymous with a future marriage proposal and 5 expresses unlimited admiration. It is also common to mix different colors of roses in one bouquet to express a combination of emotions and feelings.

A bouquet of roses: the origins of these interpretations

The meanings associated with the colors and numbers of flowers, especially roses, come from tradition and symbolism which have developed over the course of history and cultures. These interpretations are often anchored in the symbolism of flowers (floriography)form coded communication which once made it possible to express feelings in an indirect or hidden way in a society where matters of the heart were restricted. Today, there is more to choose from a range of flowers when creating a bouquet from the unconsciousbut it remains very revealing!

A bouquet of roses: so many flowers to worry about

Choosing a bouquet offer to your partner, in addition to Valentine’s Day, is not done easily. Size, colors, everything has to be considerate. It only contains the number of roses that make up the final bouquet hidden messagesmost often out of love, but also sometimes, betrayal. This is the case with bouquets 2 or 15 rosesmeaning faultTHE excusesTHE lie AND infidelity!

Bouquet of roses: know the meaning of the colors

The number of roses is not the only thing to analyze in a bouquet: color from every flower is also associated with omens:

  • Red roses: love and passion. They are often given to express feelings of love and desire.
  • White roses: purity, innocence and new beginnings. They are also associated with remembrance and may be offered as a sign of respect or reverence.
  • Yellow roses: friendship, joy and well-being. Yellow roses traditionally express feelings of friendship and happiness. They can also mean a new beginning or forgiveness.
  • Pink roses: gratitude, admiration and sweetness. Pink roses can express feelings of tenderness and admiration.
  • Orange roses: enthusiasm and desire. Orange roses can be used to express passionate desire as well as a sense of fascination or enthusiasm towards someone.
  • Lavender roses: love at first sight and enchantment. They are often used to convey a feeling of love at first sight or exceptional charm.

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