here is the REAL meaning of your bouquet

Giving flowers is a very popular romantic gesture for many couples in love. Target: reveal or reaffirm your feelings and make his partner roll over. Seduction, passion, tenderness, loyalty… Flowers have their own language; each sends a different message. To ensure that you have a flower arrangement that expands authentic love, and to avoid making mistakes, here are the things you should know about the meaning of the most common flowers.

Each sense according to each variety of flowers

Every flower family transmits clean and clear message, therefore, choose them carefully when creating a bouquet. It’s a great way to express ourselves when words fail us! Between most popular flowers :

  • Roses, which is of course the big star of Valentine’s Day. Global symbol of loveit’s a safe bet!
  • tulip, which represents very strong feelings. Like the rose, it’s the perfect flower to offer to express your love loud and clear!
  • Daisy, which brings us back to childhood, symbolizes purity of love and especially, fidelity.
  • Carnation is another flower very popular for romantic sayings: it is a symbol beauty, love and emotions.
  • lily, royal emblem, represents sincerity and greatness of feelings.
  • peony, very popular for weddings, evidenced by others strong commitment.
  • iris, a typically French flower, embodies happiness and wealth.
  • orchid, modern and trendy, it will evoke pleasure and sensuality.

Some flowers, e.g chrysanthemumsthey are in absolutely avoid because they are associated with sadness and grief.

Meaning of flowers: by color

Flower color they are useful not only for decorating your house but also carrying different meanings and messages! This is a non-negligible variable. Red is the most emblematic color love, passion and seduction and demonstrates fiery feelings. On the contrary, pink expresses more love sweet, gentle and kind. White symbolizes innocence and purity, fidelity and devotion to a loved one. Orange exposed joy and happiness generally used to celebrate happy events. the purple one more rare, means very deep feelings imbued with delicacy and delicacy. Attention : yellow is absolutely necessary to avoid from your bouquets! Despite its cheerful hue, it is a color associated with betrayal, infidelity, jealousy and breakup.

Meaning of flowers: number

Messages hidden in bouquets are also found in number of stems who composes them! The general rule is to always offer a bouquet with odd number of flowers. There are two explanations for this tradition. The first would be that the person offering the bouquet must keep a flower for her. That way, when you see your flower fade, you know it’s time replace the first bouquet according to the new! The second explanation is related to fidelity. Bouquet with an odd number cannot be divided into two equal partswhich would guarantee your beloved that you do not, treacherously, given half a lover or a lover! Finally, the only rose (usually red) among the bouquets represents unique, true and eternal love.

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