Magical techniques for preserving your Valentine bouquet

Get a beautiful bouquet of flowers February 14th attention is much appreciated. But unfortunately, this pleasure generally remains fleeting. So that the flowers don’t fade too quickly, here are some advice who could save your bouquet.

How to properly maintain a bouquet?

So yours a bouquet of flowers can be kept as long as possible, it is essential to maintain it properly. Be sure to remove them all before placing in the vase packaging which envelops the bouquet. This can prevent your flowers from breathing properly. Then start by shortening the stems by 1 to 2 centimeters to bevel. Avoid classic scissors, which can be brutal, for a scissors. Next, fill the vase and water at room temperature.

How to preserve flowers after Valentine’s Day?

For to preserve your bouquet of flowers for many days, there are some tips know. First, avoid letting the dead leaves fall into the water in the vase. This could cause water stagnation. Therefore, maintain your bouquet regularly to preserve your flowers. Don’t hesitate too add a small pinch of salt or baking soda in water to make your flowers last longer. Finally, in case you received a bouquet of roses, you can leave a red coin (such as a 5 cent coin) at the bottom of your vase. THE copper the room acts as a fungicide that allows you to keep cleaner waterLonger.

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