this florist tip to keep it for a long time

Whether you want to bring some joy and color in the heart of winter or to delight your significant other with Valentine’s Day approaching, a bouquet of flowers is the perfect element for brighten up and beautify your interior. Unfortunately, this one often tends to they begin to wilt after two to three days only. However, with proper care, a bouquet of flowers can keep for up to 10 days! here are some pro tips so you can enjoy your flowers as long as possible.

Correct preservation of the bouquet: important actions

Whether it’s a bouquet bought at a flower shop or a bouquet you’ve made yourself, first gestures The things you do when you bring him home are just as important as those in the days that follow.

  • First, always remove the leaves from the stems so that they are not immersed in water and to prevent them from rotting.
  • Next, make sure you have suitable vase: they must be at least half the size of the stems to allow air to circulate properly.
  • Clean the vase carefully reduce the number of toxic bacteria for your bouquet!
  • Finally, always fill it up mild waterneither too hot nor too cold.

How to extend the life of a bouquet of cut flowers?

There are a few tips that will allow you to do this will extend the life of your bouquet. The most common is to use preservation bag which always accompanies your bouquets. This florist-designed solution helps keep your flowers in good health, maximum time.
At the same time, never forget it cut the stems about two centimeters every two days. This allows the sap to better circulate and nourish the flowers. Cut at an angle with a knife, and not scissors that could crush them.
There is also advice from grandmothers, incl add a pinch of sugar, baking soda or black charcoal to the water to delay stem decay and allow your flowers to do so stay filled for days! Finally, think about it change the water regularly vase so that it does not stagnate.

What special care should you take to make your bouquet of flowers last longer?

They have flowers very distinctive personalities! Some varieties do not require the same maintenance as others. This is the case for tulips, lilacs, poppies and roses For example. Tulip only necessities little water in his weight: 8 cm maximum. If they are faded, it is possible to revive them wrapped in damp paper within two hours. Roses, as far as they are concerned, it can be immersed in lukewarm water for two hours to resuscitate them. Regarding lilac, the ends of the bars must be split and then crush and do not cut like other flowers. Also, poppy stems require to be burn to coagulate the juice.

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