this ingredient in yours will make their color twice as vibrant

Your kitchen cupboards often hold treasures that can do wonders for your garden. Tin foil, baking soda, white vinegar, eggshells and… coffee grounds! Already known for its many benefits as a plant fertilizer, coffee grounds are also very useful for enhancing the color of your rose bushes! Explanations.

Rose: this food for vibrant color

Coffee grounds are a natural source more nutrientsas nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, which are essential for healthy plant growth. Nitrogen is particularly supportive energetic development, green leaves lush and also increases the color level of the petals! In addition, there are coffee grounds slightly acidicand go lower soil pH, which many rose varieties prefer. Optimum soil pH helps plants absorb more efficiently and sustainably nutrientswhich leads ka bright coloration flowers.

Rose: how to use coffee grounds?

To use coffee grounds to improve the color of roses, release lightly ground with a fork to allow better absorption spread a thin layer coffee grounds (cold) around the base of each rose bush. Be careful not to put it too close stems to avoid any risk of rotting. Water lightly it helps the coffee grounds to integrate into the soil and prevents a crust from forming on the surface. Repeat this operation once a month during the rose growing season, i.e. from late spring to autumn.

Roses: preventive measures

You shouldn’t in life abuse good things! Be careful not to use coffee grounds in excessbecause it can increase soil acidity at harmful levels for plants. Use it in moderation and work it into the soil around the roses and not directly on leaves or stems : you risk burning your beautiful rose bush!

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