8 incredible plants that will turn your bathroom into an oasis!

If you are a garden lover, you will be pleased to know that plants are also welcome in the bathroom! So which ones support the best humidity ? Which ones are best for the bathroom? Focus.

Bathroom: 8 plants perfect for this room!

  • Aglaonema : loves the warm and humid atmosphere of the bathroom;
  • Aloe vera : easy maintenance, aloe vera can be found in the bathroom;
  • Monstera Delicosa : likes humidity and bright rooms;
  • Chlorophytum : install it high or hang it in a humid room;
  • Piles : is ideal for improving a modern bathroom;
  • Sansevieria : requires little maintenance and easily decorates the bathroom;
  • Boston Fern : in addition to comfort in the bathroom, it purifies the air;
  • Ivy : he will like to climb the walls and pipes in the bathroom.

Where to place indoor plants in the bathroom?

Give free rein to yours imagination. As long as the part is wet, these indoor plants tolerate any location. Close to shower, suspended above a bathtub, placed on a stool in wood… Your indoor plants will undoubtedly bring a a dose of exoticism to your bathroom. However, avoid gluing houseplants to the window. That could be advantageous diseases and leaves could tired faster than expected. do not forget dust when necessary. watering as far as he is concerned, perhaps rarer than the other pieces. In fact, most indoor plants are placed in the bathroom absorb ambient moisture make a living

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