Plant this flower next to tomatoes to increase your harvest!

In gardening, it is often recommended to plant certain crops next to each other: this method is called companion planting. So placing certain flowers or herbs near your tomato plants will magically encourage their growth and greatly increase the production of big, good vegetables for this summer!

To plant this flower with tomatoes: what is the companion planting technique?

Accompaniment is a gardening method which includes planting various crops close to each other in the following situations promote win-win growth. This practice generic relies on observation and knowledge of natural interactions between plants to create a a more harmonious ecosystem and productive.

The community can thus support pest controlby naturally repelling harmful insects or attracting natural predators of these pests, thereby reducing the need for chemical pesticides. It can too improve soil health by providing various nutrients, or attract more pollinators, essential for fruit and seed production. This technique can also make it possible maximize available space in your garden, for example by combining small, fast-growing plants with larger, fast-growing ones. Finally, society can also contribute to this natural protection, by providing shade or protecting more delicate plants from inclement weather.

You can plant this flower next to tomatoes to increase their production!

To improve your tomato plants and increase your harvest this summer, it is recommended to plant menses near! These beautiful orange flowers are famous repels nematodes, certain insects and even rabbits! They will therefore effectively protect tomatoes of these pests that destroy your plantations too often!

Basilica, which scares away flies and mosquitoes, is also a very good companion for tomatoes, it is even supposed to improve their taste! Likewise, it is said that culture carrots aerates the soil around the tomato roots and improves their access to oxygen, while onion and garlic keeps aphids at bay. Chives, parsley, marigold and asparagus it will attract helpful insects, useful in preventing parasite invasions and effectively protecting your plants!

These flowers should never be planted next to your tomatoes: danger!

If there are any plants tomato’s best friendsthere is the opposite enemy plants, that you should never grow too close to your tomatoes. That’s the case cabbage (including broccoli, THE cauliflower and Brussels sprout), which will compete for nutrients and harm each other.

THE potatoes, eggplants and corn are generally affected the same diseases and pests than tomatoes, must therefore be kept as far away as possible to avoid them do not spread like a forest fire!

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