Agri-food: Annie Saulnier takes over as president of ABEA

From Elsewhere CEO of Triballat in Noyal-Sur Vilaine (35), Olivier Clanchin has held the position since 2010. The new president, Annie Saulnier, is also the CEO of Geldesis, based in Torcé in Ille-et-Vilaine, specializing in charcuterie . ABEA was established in 2001 thanks to the initiative of British entrepreneurs and the support of public authorities. Their desire is then to create an associative force that will serve the interests of the Agri-Food Industries (IAA) in Brittany. Today, the association led by Jean-Luc Cade unites around a hundred companies, 200 production sites, in all sectors. With around 50,000 employees, it has a turnover of 15 billion euros.

The year 2015 marked a turning point in the life of the association with the signing of the future contract for Brittany that year. The Breton Office for Agri-Food Social Dialogue was created on 21 January and brings together ABEA, as well as almost the entire world of trade unions and CGAD (General Confederation of Food Retail). The aim is to support the collective reflection of economic and social developments and changes in the sector: the development of skills, professions, technological developments, the economic environment, prospective… During his mandate, Olivier Clanchina contributed to making social dialogue a tool for the development of the IAA. .

Brittany’s agri-food industry employs 87,000 workers (7% of total employment) in nearly 1,000 companies, often small. Despite the unemployment rate, fewer than three in five companies have the necessary human skills, and 40% of current hires encounter difficulties in so-called “shortage” occupations.

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