Agri-food: changes in the Executive Committee of the Terrena Group

After Christophe Courousse took over as director of the division

Poultry, Terrena announces the appointment of Maximilien Rouer as
general secretary and Fran├žois Attali as marketing director
strategic. As such, they join the group’s executive committee. With a turnover of 5 billion euros, 14,000 employees and almost 22,000 members
2015 Terrena cooperative group is one of the main players in agriculture and
agricultural and food industry. At the beginning of the year, he took over the activities of the Brittany poultry company Doux.
agricultural and food industry. Maximilien Rouer took up his position as General Secretary on April 7, 2016. His mission is to support the President and General Manager on key issues of the group and to develop ties with stakeholders around the strategic project of La Nouvelle Agriculture. It also ensures external relations and promotion of the Terrena brand.

Maximilian Rouer

Maximilien Rouer founded and has chaired the BeCitizen consulting firm since 2000
advised large companies on their transition project: anticipating expectations
society and the creation of economic, environmental and social value. He accompanied this
title since 2008, Terrena in the La Nouvelle Agriculture project. Fran├žois Attali took up his position on May 2, 2016. His mission is to manage the La brand
Nouvelle Agriculture, to promote these products in different markets and to coordinate
process in the field.

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