Agri-food: Furic cannery (29) closes shops but continues production to benefit hospitals, nursing homes and military

In this very special period, the statements of British businessmen are multiplying on social networks. Here we bring you the story of Sten Furic, boss of Compagnie Bretonne Jean-François Furic in Penmarch, at the tip of southern Finistère. The company employs 73 people with a turnover of 18.5 million euros. It has eight stores in the West.

“Given the exceptional situation we face and must face together, we have an obligation to act for the health and safety of all. As a business leader, the past few days have been a series of decisions that I would like to share with you today.

Some regret the closure of our website or our stores. We understand and are sorry that we cannot serve you and continue to support you in this crisis that we are going through. However, we must also be wise in the face of the situation and do everything in our power to guarantee your safety and the safety of our employees.

We we have stopped sending shipments to natural persons. In fact, for several years we have been working with Esat de l’Odet in Quimper, to whom we entrust the preparation of our parcels and transport. This facility employs people with disabilities, whose health is also more fragile. Therefore, a decision was made very quickly and sensibly to stop activities to preserve everyone’s health.

Closing all our stores

In fact, we could not implement the necessary measures to guarantee the distance between people and hygiene rules. The closure was therefore the most responsible decision in this fight against the virus.

Continuation of production

In addition to our La Compagnie Bretonne fine seafood canning business, our company also supplies canned goods for catering.

The users of canned sardines, mackerel and tuna that we supply to this market are mainly hospitals and clinics, nursing homes and the military.. These three types of users are in particular demand today, and it seemed important to us to focus our adaptation and reorganization efforts on ensuring their supply.

Our teams are mobilized and we thank them very much. Ensuring the process of food production and supply is a fundamental issue for our country and our fellow citizens. »

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