Agri-food: In Brie (35), Soreal recorded a turnover increase of 13%, in Cairo the increase reaches 80%.

The 50% share of exports is still ahead of usacknowledges Gilles Bocbee, the company’s founding president so real but today society is sized to achieve this goal. Our production capacity is 17,000 tons. In fact between 2017 and 2018 a specialist in bespoke sauces invested 6 million euros in the expansion of its Brittany plant and the acquisition of new equipment. production tool, which integrates the latest industry standards in the agri-food industryit now covers more than 9,000 m². To this is added a warehouse area 2,500 m² leased to Transports Bertin (35).

Main customers: industrialists and restaurant chains

As a result, Soreal’s turnover in Brie jumped 13% in 2018 to 25 million euros including 17% for export. AND hundreds of people indefinitely they are employed there. “We go up to 125 in the season.explains Gille Bocbee. We have hired 15 to 20 people in two years, line drivers, maintenance technicians, pickers, production operators… all kinds of jobs that require increasingly important training effort thanks to the technology built into the new lines “.

Teams alternate in 3X8s on 14 packaging lines and 4 production lines that Soreal is now counting. The group has four brands to its credit: Ilou, intended for the independent catering market, Sonjal Casing, for the modern sausage market, and SoSlice, created in 2015 and dedicated to the burger market. From Soreal remains the flagship of the group. She concentrates 63% of its salesmade with manufacturers or restaurant chains, incl Burger king, Brioche Dorée, Mix Buffet, Planet Sushi, Sushi Shop, etc.

“Today it’s everything but mayonnaise and ketchup”

It is clear that product life is getting shorter and shorter, continues the manager, every year 10 to 15% of our revenue disappears. So we have to reinvent it. Today it’s everything but mayonnaise and ketchup. Each year, we process around 300 creation files, for which there is a brief. WITH Soslice, launched in 2015 and meant for burgers, we have achieved the real thing technological breakthrough work “.

Today, Soreal recipes have to meet high expectations in terms of naturalness, with organic or vegan mayonnaises, nutritional values ​​or even foreign-inspired flavors such as Spangzhou sauces. ” 95% of our participants are of plant origin and our sources are regional whenever possible. This is especially true for the dairy materials contained in our sauces. We are increasingly developing ready-to-use, egg-free, preservative-free cooked sauces sold under the Clean label. “. Another area of ​​research and development that Soreal is focusing its efforts on is packaging.” We have reduced non-recyclable materials by 40%. Our packaging is increasingly carbon-free and is offered in a single dose “. Finally, 5% of the annual turnover is absorbed by R&D.

Soreal has some 500 customers in 25 countries. Europe and the Middle East, with a factory in Cairo, created as a joint venture, are its main targets. ” Asia and the United States are too far away. Our future is not in Europe, but in Africa. Soreal Mena in Cairo produced 3000 tons of products in 2018, its turnover increased by 80%. Our export sales combined with international sales now represent more than 25% of our turnover. “. A share that grows year by year, a guarantee of growth and independence.

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