Agri-food: Rennes Norac Group acquires start-up Cook Angels

This merger will allow Norac to enter the digital world of FoodTech and Cook Angels and accelerate its development in the French ready-to-cook market thanks to strong industrial support,” specifies the press release of Norac, owner of brands including Daunat, La Boulangère…

Home delivery of meals ordered online

Joy Solal and Charlotte Sieradzki, educated at Paris Dauphine University, Founded cooking angels in Paris in 2013. Cook Angels has around twenty employees, records more than 500,000 meals delivered since its inception and for a period of 2 years it has been exhibiting a 3-digit growth. Earlier, in 2014 and 2015, the start-up benefited two collections of 315,000 euros and 540,000 euros. The two co-founders, who remain in the management of the company, developed a simple and practical concept. On its website, you order two to three meals a week (for 2, 3 or 4 people), which are delivered to your home the following week. The various elements of the food are ready to use (washed, cut, peeled, etc.), all you have to do is cook. The meals are prepared in our laboratory in the Paris area and shipped by Chronofresh food. »

Simplifying consumers’ lives

Cook angels depict ambitionto reconcile the French with the cuisinen removing all the obstacles that hinder them on a daily basis: lack of time, motivation and culinary skills.” “In line with modern life, this company offers healthy and tasty, practical and user-friendly meal solutions that simplify the lives of consumers who do not want to choose between fast and good food“, appreciates the CEO of Norac.

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