Agriculture and food industry. LDC and Eureden enter into exclusive negotiations to take over Ronsard Group

The Eureden Group wishes to outsource its poultry processing activities to a third party whose main business is this. To this end, it favors rapprochement with the main French player in order to preserve the French poultry farm.

The completion of this operation would enable the LDC Group to increase its processing capacity for processed poultry products and thus strengthen its regional offering. In parallel, Breton Poultry Society (SBV)a subsidiary of LDC, will complement its range of processed poultry products and the offer of local poultry.

This project should enable the strengthening of the Brittany sector, the security of jobs in the territories and especially those of Bignan in Morbihan, once endangered. It also allows the Brittany sector to recapture the domestic market from imports, which has been growing strongly for years.

In response to this major challenge for French poultry farming, the LDC Group has entered into a supply agreement with breeders Eureden cooperative, and plans to build a new slaughterhouse in Bignan, which is essential to ensure the overall competitiveness of the Brittany sector.

This new agreement should bring LDC is to be suspended, the project was originally planned in Châteaulin in Finistère, time to make an investment in Bignan and ensure the financial balance of Bignan. The group immediately confirms that it never received any financial aid promised by the Brittany region for the so-called “Châteaulin 2” project.

He states through a press release that “ will maintain, as it undertook before the Rennes Commercial Court in 2017, its agreement in principle to contribute to the financing of the investments planned in Châteaulin “.

The takeover by Ronsard is subject to consultation with employee representatives and the signing of a final agreement following an audit of the premises, as well as prior permission from the Competition Authority.

LDC and Eureden are proactively committed to the dynamics we carry out, focused on food autonomy while responding to the challenges of climate, biodiversity and animal welfare, emphasizes Loïg Chesnais-Girard, president of the region. Registration in this approach has conditioned our support for the renovation and construction of new chicken houses with regard to the objectives of improving the breeding conditions expected by consumers “.

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