Agriculture and food industry. The Brittany group Ydeo acquires Soreal (35) and aims for a turnover of 140 million euros

In 25 years, Benoît Fretin built a small empire. Renamed Ydeo in 2019, the group, based in Etrelles in Ille-et-Vilaine, has a turnover of 104 million euros and employs 400 staff. It specializes in hygiene, water and agri-food and announces the acquisition of the agri-food company Soreal (Soreal Ilou and Sonjal), founded and managed by Gilles Bocbee since 1992. It has 130 employees based mainly in the de Brie location (35) and 80 in Egypt.

In Brie near Rennes, So real the factory designs and produces almost 10,000 tons of products, innovative sauces, developed and packaged in a wide range of containers. They are daimed at the professional catering market, as well as food distribution and the food industry. It employs 130 employees at its Breton location, as well as 80 in Cairo, Egypt on the Soreal ME&NA website, with a turnover of around 30 million euros.

Strengthen your agri-food sector

For Benoît Fretin, founder and president of the Ydeo group, this new operation significantly strengthens in France and exports his position in the agri-food market, which he previously represented France Culinaire Développement based in Saint-Gilles (35). It was created in 2006 by the acquisition of Lactavia. Its main activity consists in designing and production of aromatic specialties and functional mixtures intended for industry. Her turnover reached around 25 million euros, which is a quarter of Ydeo’s activity. This amount includes the activity of Nectarys (49), a company taken over in 2019, specializing in the development of dehydrated culinary preparations for the elderly.

Turnover of €140 million at the end of 2022

On the occasion of this operation Gilles Bocbee and Brigitte Koch-Bocbee will take a majority stake in the Egyptian subsidiary of Soreal ME&NA will buy most of the securities held by Soreal Ilou. ” They personally intend to continue to ensure the development of this structure. The partnership between Ydeo Group and Mr. and Mrs. Bocbee will therefore remain through the Egyptian subsidiary., specifies the press release. Ydeo Group wants to accelerate its development around an ambitious industrial project focused on products and markets with high added value. After this buyout, he should be worth €140 million at the end of 2022, up from €104 million in 2020. The group employs 400 people in 5 production units and 3 logistics bases in France. It also has a sales office based in Poland.

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