Agriculture and food industry. The Even Group will grow by 7% in 2021.

Climate, technology, market, consumption mean an era of profound changes. In this turbulent world, our cooperative model has held up well, demonstrated incredible adaptability, and is undoubtedly an asset in building our future. », sums up Christian Griner, CEO of the Even Group.

In 2021, the cooperative based in Ploudaniel (29) recorded an increase of 7%, balanced in all areas of activity: from production to distribution. ” The positive result of the cooperative allows members a significant return on results of 8.3 million euros, which on average corresponds to +20.06 euros/1,000 liters of milk delivered“, specifies the press release. The cooperative also gave 150,000 euros to install 16 young farmers who joined the 635 farms in the group.

Acquisition of two new companies

On the distribution side, activity was maintained despite the long closure, especially of communal catering. ” The health crisis has accelerated underlying trends such as the rise of takeaway, snacking, convenience food, local and ethical consumption.. » Even Distribution took advantage of these changes to diversify its offer and develop its business model: the sector strengthened its activities in snacking with the acquisition of Artimat in Millau and Occitanie Distribution in Albi, which specialize in the distribution of fresh, frozen and dried products. a clientele of 3,000 bakers and confectioners based in Lozère, Aveyron, Tarn and Cantal. In Brittany, the Bond teams moved to their new premises in Saint-Martin-des-Champs (29). This building increases the storage area for the nomadic business offering for the bakery’s customers.

Sustainable practices

Also in 2021, the Even group strengthened its commitments and measures in favor of transitions. The goal: to develop sustainable processes from upstream to downstream. ” In 2021, more than 80% of members used the CSR fund, i.e. 1,000 supported events. such as the funding of spare days to support members’ holidays, training or to alleviate workload, funding of actions in favor of water conservation and carbon footprint reduction, such as the promotion of protein autonomy, also funding of actions in the service of animal welfare…

In the Laïta sector, the Passion du Lait® CSR approach is part of a strong dynamic of progress. The use of recyclable packaging, registration in the collective FRET21, a program supported by Ademe, Eco CO2 and professional organizations in the logistics sector to reduce gas emissions produced by transport…

They include inflation

In 2022, the Even Group intends to continue its commitments in an increasingly complex context and limit the cyclical phenomenon of inflation. ” Global demand for dairy products is expected to remain strong over the next 10 years. Our western region has many advantages that distinguish it in the international competition: favorable climatic conditions, competent farmers and collaborators, pastures and efficient farms, top tools for conversion and sustainable value addition to milk… The profession of dairy producer should regain interest the sector still needs to succeed in adopting the increases it faces from upstream to downstream”concludes Guy Le Bars, CEO of Even.

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