Brittany agri-food industry: how to attract candidates and keep them?

Dairy products, wholesale, meat and poultry markets, but also craft activities with bakery, confectionery, butchery, food and grocery sales, Brittany’s agri-food industry combines a growing number of activities. On the employment side, more than 9,200 permanent contracts were signed in Brittany in 2017. more than 40% of companies have encountered difficulties in recruitment, either due to a lack of motivated candidates or due to profiles not suitable for the position being filled.

With some recruitment prospects at least equivalent in 2018 aa renewed growth The agri-food sector, which has been launched across the region, needs to mobilize more than ever to combine employment and training dynamics. And this in a context where in 2017 slightly less than every other facility in the industry launched educational events.

place experimenting with innovations in education appears to be a key success factor in accelerating future training courses, both for industry and food retail, with on-the-job training, certification of basic knowledge (CléA) or the appearance of augmented reality as a training tool.

A new brand will also appear: candidate or employee experience. It is now the focus of employees regardless of their age or position in the company. That is, the dimension of recruitment, integration, but also the readability of the career paths offered, training and communication are all part of the “Employer Brand” today » which companies in the industry must take advantage of as quickly as possible.

At the root of these problems is a question attractiveness of the sector appears to be the cornerstone of employment and training issues. With a quarter of businesses in the sector taking on and training apprentices in 2017, and half of recruitment taking place among under-30s, food companies present on 23 April* drew attention to a key point: integration. AND good integration is actually a key factor in retaining new subscribers.

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