Culinary center (35). Patrick Aulard, the new president, wants to attract experts in agriculture and catering

Patrick Aulard, director of the food and public activities division of the Le Gouessant cooperative (22), succeeds Pierre Weill as president of the Culinary Center. It was founded in 2011 in Rennes and presented itself as an open place dedicated to inventing the foods and flavors of tomorrow. In 2018, facing significant financial difficulties, it changed its economic model and became SCIC*. Today, The Center Culinaire Conseil offers consulting and research activities in the field of utilization and culinary culture, mainly to agri-food companies, which generate 75% of their turnover. It also benefits from the support of the Brittany region and the Rennes Métropole through missions of common interest.

For 25 years it has been active in the Brittany agricultural and agri-food sector, Patrick Aulard’s career is marked by his experience in the egg and egg products sector, especially for his position as CEO of Ovoteam (Avril Group) from 2013 to 2018. Subsequently, Patrick Aulard joined the Le Gouessant cooperative, based in Lamballe, as director of the food division and general public activities. The mission entrusted to him ” anticipate consumer expectations for the guidance and support of farmer cooperatives » brought him to contact the Center Culinaire Conseil and to understand his problems. He will join the board in 2019 and then take up the role of chairman from this Wednesday 19 January 2022.

When passing the baton, Pierre Weill, former presidentrecalls the mission of the culinary center and emphasizes: “It’s not enough to say ‘we have to take into account the climate, the environment, animal welfare, health prevention, producer income, etc.’ IWe must integrate use, culinary style, willingness to pay, which are decisive for the construction of our new food models. SCIC Center Culinaire has the facilities and experts to answer these questions. The stakes are huge. There are thousands of research centers dealing with nutrition, climate, environment…. But almost no one works like we do on the sociology of use. Do you know, for example, how the eater of kebabs, hamburgers or nuggets integrates social interests into his consumption actions? No “panel” knows how to answer this? We do… because we have the tools. There is a huge need to align expectations and usage. »

Patrick Aulard does not intend to move away from this strategic axis. With the support of the Regional Council of Brittany and Rennes Métropole, “The Culinary Consulting Center will continue to research, imagine, test with all available analytical tools, and why not develop some? » indicates. Now the president, he also intends to attract new businesses (professionals in the food industry, distributors, catering), to help them innovate and work to produce better and eat better. Equipped with versatile infrastructures in the service of innovation (culinary laboratories, creativity, test restaurants, media studio, etc.) The Center Culinaire Conseil is located next to the Valorial competitiveness cluster, the Breton branch of the Vegepolys competitiveness cluster, three restaurants, two interprofessional associations, agri- and agro-startups, research laboratories, professional associations, consultants, etc.

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