Factory visits and career discovery: 11 agri-food industries in Morbihan open their doors for recruitment

The agri-food sector, as well as the flagship of the departmental economy, is recruiting a large number of new employees in Morbihan, not to mention suffering a severe lack of manpower. To demystify the workshops, promote the professions, attract interested parties, eleven companies in this sector are participating in a large direct recruitment operation. On Tuesday, March 21, they will open their doors and their production sites to welcome and exchange information with curious, interested and/or motivated candidates.

Charlotte on the head and safety boots on the feet, candidates for the positions offered by the Morbihan agri-food companies participating in the Special IAA Trade Stopover will be ready to discover the factories, machines and kitchens of this essential sector and prevalent in the department.

Altho in Saint Gérand, Delivert in Plouhinec, Les Délices de Saint Léonard in Theix Noyalo, La Belliloise in Quiberon, Delice Mondial in Plouay, Kerlys in Locoal-Mendon, Entremont Alliance in Missiriac, Les workshops dugust in Noyal-Pontivy, Celvia (Turkey and elaborate) in Saint-Jean de Brévelay, Celvia chicken in Sérent, Capitaine Houat in Lanester: eleven companies are taking part in this big operation this tuesday 21st march, a total of 115 places to fill. Vegetable canneries, fish canneries, industrial bakeries, milk and meat processing plants, chips, etc. The offer is diversified and the choice expands between the sector of activity and geographical location.

Joint action

Organized by the CCI of Morbihan in collaboration with the Pôle emploi and in collaboration with the Brittany region and the Regional Directorate for Economy and Employment, the event is organized as part of the AREDeM project, acting for the recruitment of sustainable employment in Morbihan. and solidarity. ” The region is mobilized to promote professions in our territories. As a major player in education in Brittany, we move forward together to promote local employment and raise awareness among all audiences, including those furthest from employment. This Escale Métiers event focused on agri-food professions is a perfect example, as it also mobilizes local missions and the Sauvegarde 56 association alongside us. Collaboration is the best solution for effective recruitment and helping companies overcome difficulties, whether contextual such as mobility and accommodation of seasonal workers, or structural regarding the development of expectations and mentality towards work. stressed Kaou Hulaud, elected to the Brittany region.

Open to all candidates

Participate, Applicants register with the Pôle emploi agency in their sector and are then free to go with their CV to one or more participating companies every day. On site, they will be able to speak directly to recruiters, visit the company and ask any questions they wish.

After this first meeting, those selected will be offered a period of immersion in the company, followed by a training program to understand the basics of the profession.

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