Food industry. ABEA and GRDF Centre-Ouest are working together to develop green gas

“The mission of agri-food companies is to feed women and men, and of course energy is essential for our production activities, he remarked Marc-Olivier Bernard, CEO of Fabulous French Brasseurs and Vice President of ABEA (Association of Breton Agri-Food Companies). LThe average share of gas in the energy mix of our companies is 50%, especially in certain sectors that are very gas-intensive. Therefore, with the sharp increase in prices, the impact on our production costs is far from anecdotal. Better control of our consumption, our revenues and gas supplies are therefore the main challenges for the Brittany IAA, which we will be able to work on as a complementarity thanks to this new partnership. » for memory In Brittany, the agri-food industry is the leading industry with almost 4,000 establishments located throughout the country, generates an annual turnover of more than 20 billion euros and employs more than 70,000 employees.

Green gas in several numbers

In Brittany, 53 methanation units injecting their production into the distribution network operated by GRDF enable the equivalent of the consumption of 84,000 current homes to be covered. More than 160 green gas injection projects are being studied or emerging: from 2025 they will cover the equivalent of 14% of Brittany’s gas consumption. and decarbonise the gas heating of nearly 700,000 Bretons. In France, in 2050, 100% of the gas could be ecological and produced locally. ” This new partnership will allow us to combine our respective expertise to support the agri-food sector towards the best techno-economic balance to meet the current challenges of energy sobriety. It illustrates our shared commitment to make gas the essential energy in Brittany’s agri-food sector and even more the energy of the future thanks to the rise of green gases. “, he underlines Véronique Bel, Customer Director – GRDF Mid-West Territory.

Farm equipment

On the occasion of this signature, the valorization of bio-waste is of particular interest, as the partners have the opportunity to visit the SCEA facility on Champ Fleury in Liffré. Jean-Christophe Gilbert, a farmer in Liffré, together with his brother Arnaud and their partner Franck Perrodin, have been using the wastewater from their livestock and their plant residues in a methanation unit since 2015: this locally injects 17 million kWh of green gas into the distribution network operated by GRDF every year, thus covering almost all gas consumption of the municipality. In a few weeks, they will put into operation the deconditioning and hygiene equipment : this device will now allow him to methanize, and therefore convert into renewable energy, biological waste from the territory or the agro-food industry.

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