Quimper. The agricultural and food specialist center Adria is building a new research laboratory

The expert center is located in the leading agri-food region of France Adria is still growing. The construction of this building, an extension of the existing ones along the road from Bénodet to Quimper, confirms this development. It will be located in these new premises with an additional area of ​​1000 m² laboratory of molecular biology and microbiologyand will increase Adria’s total area to 2,800 m².

Innovation and modernization

Association of agricultural and food industrialists, Adria offers research, innovation, agri-food training and consulting services to the agri-food industry, agri-food suppliers, distributors and related industries such as packaging, cosmetics, diagnostics. This professional center, certified as an agricultural-industrial technical institute the ministry responsible for agri-food is managed by a board composed mainly of Jean Le Lez and Daniel Sauvaget (president and vice-president respectively), which sets its strategic focus.

This construction project is one of them. Responds to activity growth plan, pconquering new markets and modernizing equipment with the aim of providing employees with greater comfort and functionality. Adria employs 70 people, including 15 researchers. Its turnover in 2019 is 5.8 million euros.

Recruitment of around twenty people

The construction of the new technical research and development platform is accompanied by a human resources component with the eventual recruitment of around twenty people. “Adria aims higher with an ambitious project that commits us to the next decade in the field of food and digital transformation. The year 2020 marks this strategic shift by building a new technical research and development platform in microbiology and molecular biology (development of analytical methods, identification and traceability of microbiological contaminants using DNA techniques, optimization of food shelf life), designed and equipped with cutting-edge technologies,” specify Jean Le Lez and Daniel Sauvaget.

Participation of local authorities

Rated at Investment of 3.5 million euros, this work is partially supported by local authorities: the Regional Council of Brittany for €873,882, the Council of the Department of Finistère for €313,059 and Quimper Bretagne Ouest for €313,059. “The rest is financed by Adria herself. The project also includes an investment plan of €500,000 in state-of-the-art equipment, in which local authorities will be involved,” the board members add.

As a true research and development tool, Adria defines itself as the most important technical institute in Brittany, “flying high in the colors of the regional agri-food industry while remaining close to the companies it intends to serve”.

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