The agri-food industry: the factory of the future will be able to recover by-products

For 9 years, the Usine Agro du Futur stage has become the flagship stage with a circuit of demonstrators Crossroads of Agri-Food Suppliers (CFIA). He proposed BDI and the Valorial competitiveness cluster with the support of the Brittany region, the new production line responds to various industrial problems.

Automation, traceability, health safety and agility, the challenge is to enable the management of all production (standardized or personalized) and all volumes (from very small to large series). ” On this type of production line, the role of the operator is essential, as the assembly of mixed salads is done manually, as with all industry leaders on the market. This year, we’re showing even more innovation at the operator level fully digitized workstations, a new generation combination to evaluate the operator’s position in real time to prevent musculoskeletal disorders but also the psychological burden / mental burden of the operator ยป, Specify the device manufacturer.

The production line will be fully connected to MES supervision, including this year’s demonstration on a digital twin, i.e. a digital replica of the equipment in order to optimize its production process. of Demonstrations of cyber attacks will also be performed directly on the line in operation to show what the means are to resume production as quickly as possible.

Thanks to the innovative process, Altenov (35) and ADIV, involved in the project, will manifest themselves how to promote certain products and by-products. Guelt, Packalim, ASV Packaging and KP Linpac will pack salads at the end of the line in packaging with an ecological design. These illustrate the approach that needs to be followed to move towards ‘zero plastic’.

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