Water management: Brittany’s agri-food companies challenge the prime minister

A number of Breton agri-food industries from all sectors, supported by the Breton Agri-Food Association (ABEA), have structured themselves into a “clean water” collective. In a letter dated January 10, 2020, this collective calls on the Prime Minister to reuse treated wastewater and water extracted from food raw materials (Reuse/Reut).

Through this letter, team members ask ” expansion of the permitted use of clean water”, specifically water originating from REUSE/REUT processesin the logic of reducing pressure on water resources and developing a circular economy “.

Other agricultural and food companies are also joining this collective. Brittany’s agri-food companies say they are ready to develop the reuse of “clean water”, that is, water that is the result of production processes and that is treated by various technological processes. ” This available source of clean water is unfortunately partially lost today.because these waters cannot be qualified as “drinkable” because they do not come from the natural environment, despite extremely satisfactory quality criteria, sometimes even comparable to drinking water “.

In today’s letter addressed to the Prime Minister, the Minister for Ecological and Inclusive Transformation, the Minister of Agriculture and Food and the Minister of Solidarity and Health, Breton industrialists explain “ their strong desire to support climate change by implementing concrete measures to reduce their water consumption and discharge “. That is why they are asking for it as part of the circular economy bill be involved in defining new permitted uses and be able to experiment with these new uses in their factories, for a true circular economy, within a clear legislative framework, like what already exists in other countries “.

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