Agriculture and food industry. The SIIRI project receives a significant grant of 609,000 euros from the Brittany region

Revolutionary quality control in the food industry. This is the ambition of SIIRI. Winner of the Brittany Region’s Call for Proposals (AAP) “Collaborative Innovation at the Crossing of Sectors”, the project received a significant grant of 609,000 euros. The Photon Lines Breton branch in Pacé (35), which specializes in imaging technology and spectroscopy, is implementing the project together with two other players, the Isen Yncréa Ouest Engineering School and Coaxial Technology.

The SIIRI project brings together three entities including Photon Lines, the project leader. Specializing in optical and photonic technologies, particularly around imaging and spectroscopy, the group employs 28 people in France, Spain and England, including 13 at the Pacé plant in Ille-et-Vilaine. Its turnover is around 10 million euros. Chaired by Éric Dréan, it has recently specialized in the development of spectral imaging systems for the food industry, agriculture and health. The company has remarkably developed a hyperspectral camera, the fastest on the market, designed to measure the composition of food products and detect foreign bodies which interfere with the transformation lines… This is exactly what will be used within the SIIRI project. ” We now have the responsibility to create a powerful linear lighting system compatible with the food industry environment. », Denotes the company.

Significantly improve quality control

Two other Brittany structures lend their know-how to the creation of this new industrial machine. Above all, the engineering school Isen Yncréa Ouest, based in Brest, a pioneer in the development and integration of artificial intelligence (AI).
For the SIIRI project, they will develop an ultra-fast and learning artificial intelligence system with the ability to interpret hyperspectral data and inform industrial users in real time », Photon Lines continues. Finally, the 3rd player is Coaxial Technologie in Landivisiau, a manufacturer of production lines for the food industry and industry. ” The company is responsible forIntegrate the previous solution into a closed waterproof cabin, adapted to most industrial conveyors and the constraints of the agri-food environment. »

The SIIRI project intends to provide technological breakthrough in digital and industrial transformation, opens up new perspectives for reliable inspection on food or packaging lines. ” Foreign body detection, composition control and even package compliance have never been more accurate. This device will be a combination of technological innovation, including the first high-speed spectral imaging device on the market, artificial intelligence with unprecedented learning capacity, all integrated into a structure perfectly suited to the demanding environment of the agri-food industry. »With all these elements, SIIRI, Valorial and Images & Réseaux certified competitiveness clusters exceeds the budget of 1.5 million euros. The project was made possible thanks to a large grant from the Brittany region of 609,000 euros. It is distributed as follows: 224,000 euros for Photon Lines, 225,770 euros for Isen Yncréa Ouest and almost 160,000 euros for Coaxial Technologies.

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