Resilience of healthcare facilities in the face of dangerous cyber acts, at the center of discussions during the 4th year of Health CyberCamp

Organized by Doshas consulting and in collaboration with the Digital Health Agency, CyberCamp Santé is an unmissable event for e-health cybersecurity players. Again this year, the participants were strongly mobilized to listen and exchange opinions with numerous speakers. Between them :

ANSSI shared its challenge for 2024 around the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, a major international event that will require thorough preparation and organization of facilities to deal with cyber risks.

CERT Health emphasized that a significant number of facilities are maturing in these professional skills, which are critical to protecting them from cyber attack and securing patient health data.

581 incidents declared in 2023 compared to 592 in 2022. And 526 audits carried out in 2023 by CERT Santé compared to 348 in 2022.
“The mobilization and work of CERT Santé is necessary to avoid the number of incidents in establishments,” said Olivier Ruet-Cros, CERT Santé expert.
To meet growing demand, ANS CERT Health teams have launched a LinkedIn page dedicated to cybersecurity news focused on the ecosystem. Join the community here!

Safety of our establishments, a national response with the CaRE program:

“All businesses face cyber risks, they must be able to prepare for them,” said Elodie Chaudron, director of the CaRE program at the Agence du Numérique en Santé.

This national program aims to structure the governance of cybersecurity in healthcare by involving all levels, national (ANSSI, ANS, DGOS), regional (ARS and GRADeS) and local (professionals, businesses as well as industry) in a clear and unique trajectory. . Action plan organized in 4 axes:

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