Lawn and grass are two different plants!

Good days and status are coming idleness Also. At least a ray of sunshineour only desire is to rest on freshly cut grass or sit meadow and watch the greenery dance in the breeze.

Are lawn and turf synonyms?

For most people, weed is synonymous lawn and goals and vice versa. Nothing is more similar than a a patch of green grass another. Whether you’re playing football on it or rolling around in it, it’s just grass for ordinary people.

When we see a beautiful patch of well-kept green grass, we exclaim, “What a beautiful lawn! “, or “what a beautiful lawn! » Using one or the other term without no difference. However, there is a a big difference between the two. It certainly won’t be easy for newbies.

Turf and turf are two different plants: here’s how to spot them

Lawn and lawn have a different composition. Which modifies their appearance and their establishment. These are nuances Important especially if you plan to plant grass or lawn.

The first is united, cuts regularly. It’s just grass. The second is more of a meadow. Flowers they also grow there and attract all species insects. And above all, their conversation will obviously not be the same.

The way to maintain a lawn is different from a lawn

Lawn maintenance is almost non-existent thanks to its natural side. She resist climate change and needs only very water little. Only weeding is necessary to maintain biodiversity on site. It is ideal option if you want a piece of green without having the time to devote to it.

Grass, on the other hand, is a different story. He has to be cuts often to maintain a constant grass height. He asks to be to water regularly to avoid yellowing. It also needs a supply of fertilizer and also a soil aeration scarification. A lawn requires a lot of attention as opposed to a lawn that doesn’t need much thrive. Choose!

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