The most beautiful impatient flowers that grow in record time

Spring is finally here and what better way to celebrate than a spectacular flower garden? If you want to have a beautiful exterior without a long wait, know that there are flowers, just as impatient, capable of growing at an incredible speed. Plant them now to see your garden decked out in 1,000 colors in just a few weeks, and to enjoy a magazine-worthy exterior from the first days of good weather!

How to choose the right flowers for your exterior?

In nature, there is an almost infinite number of flowers of all kinds, sizes and colors. When it comes to planning your garden, how do you navigate and choose from these thousands of varieties, each prettier than the last?

It is important to consider several factors when choosing. The first, of course, remains your own taste and aesthetic desires: there are no rules to follow except your instinct! Also choose plants adapted to your climate and your region, they will be more hardy, easy to care for and therefore more successful than non-native varieties trying to survive in an environment that is hostile to them. Also consider the maintenance limitations of each variety: if you don’t have a green thumb or don’t want to devote many hours to your garden, prefer undemanding and self-sufficient plants that are less likely to die!

These flowers that grow ultra-fast in the garden

Certain flowers, usually annuals, are known for their ability to grow quickly and produce flowers in a short amount of time without requiring too much maintenance or effort on your part. These flowers are ideal for quickly adding color and life to the garden, whether in beds, pots or window boxes:

  • Nasturtium: These annual flowers are easy to grow from seed. They grow quickly and produce bright flowers of various colors.
  • Marigolds that grow quickly and produce bright flowers in yellow, orange or cream. They are often used as companion plants in vegetable gardens.
  • Cosmos that produce beautiful daisy-shaped flowers in a variety of colors. They attract butterflies and bees to the garden.
  • Borage, a fast-growing annual plant that produces edible bright blue flowers. It is also beneficial for attracting pollinators.
  • Zinnias, very popular for their vibrant and colorful flowers. They grow quickly from seed and provide long blooms throughout the summer.
  • Snapdragon: Also called snapdragon, produces lip-shaped flowers in a variety of colors. It grows quickly and can flower from the first year of planting.
  • Sunflowers: The only perennial plant on the list, but they grow quickly from seed and produce large, bright yellow flowers that follow the path of the sun.

How to properly care for your fast-growing flowers?

Obviously, there is no point in planting flowers to beautify your garden without maintaining them: although they grow quickly and easily, these flowers still need some care in order to bloom and thrive at the peak of their beauty!

So remember to water regularly to keep the soil moist, but avoid excess water. Fertilize flowers once a month with a balanced fertilizer to promote healthy growth and abundant blooms. Apply organic mulch to keep the soil moist, reduce weeds and protect the roots from temperature fluctuations. Watch closely for any signs of disease or pest infestation and use natural, eco-friendly solutions to control them.

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