Why you should cut strawberries in early spring

Strawberries are one of the most popular crops in French gardens, and for good reason: strawberries can quite easily produce a crop rich in strawberries over time, a summer fruit that many people greatly appreciate! If you want to give your strawberries a real boost and make sure they keep producing big, good fruit throughout the summer, there’s a crucial solution: cut them from the very beginning of spring. Explanations.

Strawberry plants: how to care for them in spring?

In the spring it is essential to take care of your strawberries if you want a beautiful and abundant harvest during summer. Begin by performing a light spring cleaning removing dead leaves, weeds and other accumulated debris to prevent disease and pests from taking hold.

Strawberry plants need a constantly moist soilbut not wet: water them regularly, plant-based to avoid wetting the leaves and fruits. At the very beginning of spring, fertilize with a potassium-rich fertilizer, which will promote fruit growth. Finally, check regularly your strawberries to check for any signs of pest or disease attack and install small pins if you notice that they begin to bend under the weight of the fruit.

Strawberries: why do you have to chop them?

Cutting a strawberry tree is a radical pruning method which can be used for cleans and rejuvenates plants. This helps to eliminate leaves that have wilted during the winter and can carry various diseases. This technique is generally used in very early springbefore new leaves and flowers begin to actively develop.

This method, although very effective, must be used with caution and with consideration several factors:

  • Variety of strawberries : is more suitable for fruiting strawberries (which fruit several times a year) than non-fruiting strawberries (which only fruit once). For non-fruiting varieties, this technique could remove buds that have already formed, reducing the harvest.
  • Plant age : older strawberries that have already produced several seasons can benefit more from this technique to stimulate their vitality.
  • Plant density : This method can help aerate overly dense plants and reduce fungal disease problems by removing dead or diseased parts.

Strawberry plants: how to cut

In order for this technique to prove itself, it is necessary to respect certain rules methodology ! First, disinfect the blades your mower with disinfectant to minimize the risk of disease transmission between plants. Adjust the height mowers to mow approximately 10 cm from the ground, your strawberries must be sufficiently distributed (approximately 40 cm) so you can browse between without damaging the crown of the plants.

Collect them all after chopping plant residuesthen apply a mulch layer around your strawberry plants to help maintain moisture. In the weeks after mowing, pamper your plants and watch them carefully check if they grow again: they should have new leaves appear quite quickly.

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