do it by mid-April or say goodbye to lemons

Scent lemon is an invitation to dream… Dream of distant lands. Persia marches with him, but also Spain and Palestine. He knew that the bush in exile adapt in our regions. Its fruits are essential to our food. Yesterday sailors took them on their ships to fight scurvy. And in Menton they even gave him a party with nicely decorated floats.

Lemons are adaptable trees but require attention

Lemon tree, like the others citrus, is known for its beautiful green foliage and white and fragrant flowers. It occurs in the Mediterranean region, but it can also acclimatize further north with winter protection. He pushes in open ground, but more and more people are growing it pot. It can look beautiful inside your home if it is inside bright place.

This small fruit bush 1 to 2 m high can give every year rich harvests delicious fruit. But its culture is delicate. He has they need attention. A victim of disease, its roots tend to be rotand its leaves cringe. It is given certain treatments at different times of the year indispensable, especially if you want to collect a lot of lemons.

Before mid-April, prune the trees or otherwise say goodbye to your lemons

It’s early spring, until half of April, that you absolutely must prune your lemon trees before restarting growth. If you do it too soon, it will still be cold, the weather is not good and the temperatures are too cold. This can stunt its growth. Size is essential operations. Allows fruit trees focus on production fruit without loss energy in useless shoots.

To successfully prune lemon trees, start by removing them dead branches, damaged or diseased, to ventilate the tree and avoid diseases. Continue by removing branches that cross or grow inward pass the light. Then cut off the ones that grow vertically, but also branches that are too long and away from the trunk. This allows for an open structure where the fruit will flourish. In addition, lemons will be easier to harvest. And to finish, smear with ointment on the basis of cinnamon in the largest pieces so that the lemon tree it heals quickly.

How maintain lemon tree all year round?

The lemon tree also asks frequent maintenance except for size. To be healthy water it regularly, especially during periods of extreme heat. The floor must be wetbut not wet. Drainage therefore it is necessary to avoid overload.

Furthermore, it is important that fertilize it with citrus fertilizer. Within ranges organic product, There are some very effective ones. We recommend monitor watch out for signs of aphids, mealybugs and mites. Attention, these insects and parasites have effects very harmful on your tree! The same is true for diseases such as root rot and gray mold. It is necessary treat them as quickly as possible in front of them damage your trees in the long run!

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