Can you paint your lawn to make it greener?

With sunny days, we dream of a beautiful space modified exterior. We remove the traces of winter, plant seasonal flowers, prepare our vegetable garden for future plants. We do too his seedlings and we clean our garden furniture, we’re getting back into shape náměstí zelené, where you can relax well in the summer…

What solution for a perfect lawn between the drought and the inflation of maintenance products?

As they say: the grass is always greener next door. Every year it is a real headache to have a perfect green lawn. Climate change, Drought and water restrictions are your worst enemies. Another factor comes into play: the rising cost of cleaning products. Have a lawn becomes a luxury due to inflation. So how can we remedy this situation?

Americans across the Atlantic love these green spaces in front of their homes. This tradition is inseparable from the history of the United States. George Washington AND Thomas Jefferson they already had one at one time! Certainly, far from today’s aesthetic criteria, weeds were part of the lawn in the past. But beauty standards change over the years, even in gardening! In our present societiesobsession perfectly cut grass aa absolutely flawless green and the uniform is ubiquitous. So much so that some people resort to it picture.

Can you paint the lawn to make it greener?

So it is against all expectations possible to paint your lawn. This practice is becoming more common in the land of Uncle Sam.Americans spray paint on the grass. Plus shades Fairways Or Rye viF they are practically sold out in DIY stores. But this practice exist Since 60’s.

This trend dates back to the post-war period. The population left the boredom of the cities to turn to the colorful modernity of the suburbs. Desperate Housewives. There is green grass in this microsome Apple juice. But above all painting has replaced pesticides. Chemical products, some of which are particularly toxic, have flooded the lawn care market. But consumers quickly disappointed. These herbicides were effective in killing weeds, but also clover and bluegrass. Two plants are absolutely essential fertilize the soil. As a result, gardeners began to buy other products to make up for the shortage. It’s a never ending story.

Another solution to make your lawn greener

The owners of the lawns therefore searched alternative to these shock treatments. By 1964, 35 states were now selling grass green colors. It is no longer necessary to have a degree in chemistry to maintain a lawn. Picture becomes a easier wayand more economically advantageous for a green and healthy flower bed.

Of course, painting replaced pesticides, but is it really a sustainable solution? However, there is a very simple and ecological technique green lawn! It involves planting clover lawns in your garden. This plant actually is drought resistant , i.e. more in line with the climatic situation. Plus, you’ll enjoy it with beeswho like to pick clover flowers.

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