Energy checks to start on Tuesday, affect ‘nearly 5.6 million low-income households’

Energy Check helps low-income households pay their electricity, gas, wood or diesel bills and some energy works.  (MOURAD ALLILI / MAXPPP)

A welcome boost at the end of winter. From Tuesday, April 2 “Nearly 5.6 million low-income households in France to receive energy audit without any prior action”, the Ministry of Economy and Finance announced on Saturday, March 30. These home deliveries will be staggered until April 25, following a schedule that varies from one department to another, which can be consulted on the official website of the system (PDF file).

The Energy Check, which has been distributed since 2018, helps low-income households pay bills for electricity, gas, home heating oil and even firewood, as well as certain utility jobs. “The professionals concerned are obliged to accept the energy audit”, reminds the official website. Its amount varies between 48 and 277 euros, calculated according to the reference tax income for 2021 and the composition of the household. This tool can be used until March 31, 2025.

Some recipients will need to apply for this

At the beginning of the year, several family associations expressed their concerns about the exclusion of a million beneficiaries from the system “while meeting the criteria for obtaining it”. The problem: the repeal of the housing tax, which makes it difficult to determine the composition of the household on which entitlement may depend. Newly eligible households, such as students who have just left home or people whose income has dropped, may not receive a check.

This was reported by the ministry on Saturday“An online system will be in place by this summer to allow households” who have not received their 2024 check by the end of April “claim if they believe they are eligible”. “Everyone who is entitled to an energy audit” it will be able to accept it in 2024, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire assured in February. 82.2% of beneficiaries used the energy check last year, according to still preliminary data.

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